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[edit] Policy for this Wiki

Entries on the wiki site must be related in some fashion to eBook Reading, eBook Devices, or related topics. Off topic entries will be deleted and the author banned. This site is for information and as a resource, it is not for solicitation.

All items posted in this wiki are under the Creative Commons license as listed in the box in the lower right corner of each page. Click the box for details.

Solicitation - applies to posting services or products to solicit sales. There are a few places you can post references to web sites such as the section on eBook conversion and eBook dealer articles. Technical pages on products with links can be added so long as they are on topic for the site. Retail hardware outlets can be listed without specific advertising on where to buy pages and hardware description pages. In general solicitation is otherwise prohibited.

[edit] Related topics

Related topics include a wide range of hardware and software that can be used to make, read, or otherwise engage in eBooks. Devices need not be restricted to sole use for eBook reading. For example cell phones are often used as portable readers. Audio books are also eBooks so information on these formats are permitted. There is a specific intent to cover information for the disadvantage and handicapped readers and medical implications. Terms used in the wiki may have pages covering the definition and description of the technology. Often, devices that permit eBook reading have many other features as well and these items may be described or even amplified via other pages.

[edit] Overall Policy of MobileRead

For posting rules on potentially copyrighted data see the Overall Policy of MobileRead.

See: Mobile Read Policy for guidelines on forum and eBook upload/download usage.

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