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Here is some information on the web site. MobileRead is mainly a site containing an active forum for the Mobile Reading community (See: about MobileRead). In addition there is a News page and this wiki devoted to Mobile Read topics.



Alexander Turcic is the founder of MobileRead. On Oct 23, 2002, a forum was started being almost exclusively about mobile devices, and how to get text files onto them. The URL name of MobileRead was first used in May 2004. Across the past few years the focus has shifted away from cell phones and pdas to eBooks /etext / eBook readers primarily using E Ink screens. And most recently it has added Web Tablets. Everyone here is a volunteer, and most of them are here for the same reason ... a Google search on something eBook Reader related had lots of results from the forums here. Once we started reading eventually there was a post we wanted to respond to ... bam! another addict.

On the 10th anniversary of MobileRead Alex made the following comment. "I started this website ten years ago with one goal in mind: I wanted to make new friends with whom I could share my crazy-obsessed interest in mobile reading." See the forum thread for the celebration of the 10th anniversary.

For a history of this wiki see Wiki Statistics for all the details.

Getting Started

To get started on this wiki tap "Help" at any time in the left column.

To get started in the Forums please check this forum topic: The Forum supports most BBcode (bulletin board code) markup.

If you are a member of Facebook, be sure and note the fact that you are a fan of MobileRead:

If you are already mobile then see Mobile MobileRead to get started from a Mobile Device.

See also: MobileRead posting tips.


click on the above link to find out how the Karma on the MobileRead forum works.

MR Book Club Selections

Yes, MobileRead has a Book Club. Click the link above for more details.


MobileRead does not condone or support the use of this web site to break the law. This means that, to the extent possible, we will not allow posting of instructions showing someone how to break the law or requests for such instructions.

In particular, items that break copyright law or DRM cannot be supported. Detailed discussion of how to remove DRM is not permitted. eBooks posted to this site must be legally posted using applicable law and permissions.

Laws certainly vary between countries and something may be perfectly lawful in one country while being unlawful in another. MobileRead moderators are not legal lawyers or policemen so it is up to the individual to determine if they can download an eBook or make use of forum or wiki content. In general items in this site will conform to the laws of the our founders home country, Switzerland, however it is recognized that forum members live all over the world.

For eBook posting purposes only Alex has chosen that this site will conform to the Swiss laws for copyright purposes as this is his nationality. The Swiss recognize that Public Domain books are based on the author's death + 70 years.

In some cases a particular piece of software being discussed may serve multiple uses which might include unlawful use. It is not MobileRead's practice to assume that such software will be used unlawfully if it has a lawful use. Again the individual user will need to know the law where they live.

This should not be construed to limit discussion on these topics, although MobileRead reserves the right to limit discussion that is outside the realm of good taste or uses foul or hateful language.

Wiki Posting

For the wiki posting policy see the wiki Policy.

eBook Uploads

MobileRead encourages and supports the upload of Public Domain and creative commons licensed eBooks for download by our members. Please check eBook Uploads for more details.

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