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Mobipocket Reader is the free reader produced by MobiPocket. MobiPocket also has a creator program that can be used to create content in this format. Both are free download from their web site. Note - as of 2/2/2013, the readers appear to be unavailable from this site. Use the wayback machine to download these files.


[edit] Features

  • Supports Mobipocket format eBooks, MobiPocket books generally have a .prc or .mobi extension.
  • Most implementations also read unencrypted PalmDOC format eBooks. These have a .pdb extension.
  • The Reader generally permits control of Fonts (sizes, family, color, etc.) and margins. In some cases this can be overridden in the eBook.
  • The Reader does not generally pre-paginate the eBook and page numbers are only estimates.
  • Readers generally support both DRM and non-DRM'd eBooks.
  • Images can be zoomed.
  • Only the Windows version supports file conversions.
  • See eBook HTML for acceptable tags understood by this Reader.

There are third party programs that also read MOBI eBooks. The features may vary depending on the program.

[edit] Device Support

[edit] BlackBerry

Mobipocket Reader for Blackberry There is a specific version for the BlackBerry.

[edit] PalmOS

Mobipocket Reader for PalmOS works with all current PalmOS PDAs, including high-res (320x320) and large screen (320x480) models. Older versions that work with earlier PalmOS PDAs are still available.

[edit] Symbian

Mobipocket Reader for Symbian can be downloaded directly to the Symbian smartphone from the mobipocket web site. Version are available for nearly all Symbian phones, even the Series 90 Nokia 7710.

[edit] Windows

Mobipocket Reader for Windows also works as a library for Mobipocket format books, to store, organize, and download them to PDAs and eBook Devices, as well as a reader. It can also retrieve the latest version software for some platforms and push the files down to the device.

It can also import and convert files in some other formats to MobiPocket MOBI format. As of version 6.0 it can import some PDF files, Microsoft Office files Microsoft Office REQUIRED, RTF, HTML, CHM, OCF and TXT. It will also convert RSS feeds. Version 6.4 and later will convert ePUB files.

The Windows version accepts files with .prc, .mobi, and .pdb with the latter interpreted as a PalmDOC file.

[edit] Windows Mobile

Mobipocket Reader for Windows Mobile. The Windows Mobile version is connected via a conduit and ActiveSync to the Windows version so that the Windows version can push new changes in the software and new or converted books to the device. This version will also work on PocketPC devices. There is also an older version that will work on Windows CE based devices. The latest Pocket PC version may also work on newer WinCE devices.

[edit] Other Versions

Other Versions Mobipocket has produced or licensed versions of the Mobipocket Reader for several eBook readers, including the IRex iLiad, the iRex Digital Reader, the Bookeen Cybook Gen3, the Hanlin V3 and clones, and the Amazon Kindle (non-DRM only). These versions are shipped with the device and so are not available for download. Most are Java based. Previously there was a version available for the Franklin Electronic Dictionaries which can still be used but is not current. Some of these versions may not support all of the features of the standard MobiPocket Reader. Older versions and special install versions are available at Manual Install.

Not all eBook readers that support Mobi format have the same features. Check Mobi Comparison for details on what is actually supported.

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