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The Nookstudy is a free eTextbook application from Barnes and Noble that provides a suite of digital study tools. It is available for Windows and MacOS X.

[edit] Overview

This is a study application that is customizable for your school and personal needs. It has two main working views, My Library and Now Reading. You can also download custom-made Courses and group your text books by course. You can open multiple books at once and view two books or two locations in the same book side by side.

Annotations (notes) and highlights can be added to your eBooks and eTextbooks as you are reading them. You can even add web links to keep your online research in the Notes. Searching is supported and you can even search for terms in multiple books. Copying and Printing of portions of the books are permitted but limited as to amounts by the publisher on DRM'd books.

Two computers can share the same books but there are DRM enforced restrictions on what you can do with them unless the book is DRM-free. Books and usage are synced between devices and your online account however you can work offline and items will be sync'd the next time you are online. Sync'd items include highlights and annotations.

Formats supported include PDF and ePUB. Etextbooks are typically PDF while eBooks are typically in ePUB. A shop feature allows accessing Barnes and Noble web site directly from the app. Books you are no longer using actively can be archived to clean up your library view. You can also import your own books.

You can export your notes and create links to specific topics or pages in a book on your clipboard. These can be emailed to your friends or study partners. A professor might even post a link on the board for your reference as part of an assignment.

[edit] Features

Here are just a few of great features and tools:

  • Highlighting
  • Annotations
  • Tagging & Searching
  • Side-by-Side Reading
  • Organization by Course
  • Note-taking directly in your book
  • Importing of local documents such as your syllabus, lecture notes, etc to view and organize
    • Print to NOOKstudy" feature - provides a fake printer driver that can import anything you can print to the NOOKstudy.
  • The ability to look up terms immediately in Wikipedia and Google
  • And many more!

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