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Barnes and Noble is a bookseller and publisher of both hardcopy books and eBooks. They own Barnes and as well as Fictionwise and eReader. They also produce their own eBook Readers called nook, replaced with the nook touch, and nook color.

Applications to read their books are freely downloadable. See NOOK app and NOOKstudy.

They have a large chain of brick and mortar stores and connected coffee shops. They are the largest book retailer in the USA. You can read any eBook for free for 1 hour per day while in their store using a Nook eBook Reader.

Their corporate web site is

[edit] Nook Devices

The following Nook device pages are available

[edit] nook OS

The nook dedicated eBook readers run Android OS. There is more information on getting to the OS and using it on the wiki at

[edit] Publishing with Barnes and Noble

They supply a program called Pubit to generate an eBook for publishing at Barnes and Noble. There is documentation available on the requirements as well.

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