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Nook Device and Ebook Support by Barnes and Noble

(See also: the main E-Production page and the PubIt formatting guide --warning it is pretty bare-boned). Also, see the Listing of CSS support by device.


[edit] Nook Original

See nook

[edit] Nook Color

See nook color

[edit] Nook Simple Touch (grayscale)

See nook touch

  • Only presents 1 level of TOC. This means that if you have an NCX file with nested contents (parts with chapters nested within them; chapters with sections nested within them), the nested elements will not display in the navigational TOC. One workaround for this is to remove the nesting in the NCX file of the ePUB you will upload to B&N and add five non-breaking spaces (&nbsp;) for every level of nesting to the <navLabel><text> of each nested element.
  • Doesn't have a way to skip from chapter to chapter
  • Publisher Defaults option checkbox on the Text options (Aa) let the user select the exact formatting as the publisher intended. However, if the user modifies the font size, that will also turn off all publisher defaults unless the user manually turns them on again.
  • If long paragraphs break oddly (short on some pages), try display: inline-block; as a style for the paragraph to prevent it.

Maximum viewing size of the NOOK screen is 600 x 730 pixels (according to Liz Castro May 17 tweet)

[edit] Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight

This is the nook touch with Glowlight added. Glowlight™ front lights the display for reading in the dark. It creates a soft glow optimized for low light reading Warm light illuminates entire screen evenly. Battery life is still a month. Has a built-in anti-glare screen. A new verison of the NOOK glowlight has a higher resolution screen and more built-in memory.

[edit] NOOK HD

NOOK HD description includes HD 7" and HD+ 9" tablets

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