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ORB is a format used by the Original Book Reader. This is a proprietary format but the eBook reader that can be freely downloaded.

[edit] Reader

The reader is available at http://originalebook.com. It is a fixed format eBook reader that claims to support reading like a regular book. The reader is currently only available for Windows but a Mac OS X version is planned.

[edit] The format

The internal format to this file is SWF files inside a ZIP container. You can rename the .orb extension to .zip and unzip the contents. The files inside may have a .gau extension however the extension can be changed to .swf and then read using any SWF tool.

The Kurst Renderer can be used to convert the files to images in PNG format that can then be viewed using an image viewer. See SWF for information on this renderer.

[edit] For more information

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