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OpenBerg Lector is an eBook Reader that works inside of a FireFox Browser. It runs anywhere that Firefox is supported.

[edit] Overview

OpenBerg Lector is a modern, open-source, e-book reader, currently under development by the OpenBerg Project.

In its purpose, OpenBerg Lector is comparable to Acrobat Reader, Microsoft eBook Reader or MobiReader. By opposition to each of these readers, however, Lector is an extension for Firefox and gives you access to all the browser tools you’re accustomed to, including bookmarks, history, tab-reading and other extensions. More importantly, OpenBerg Lector is fully open-source, which means that

  • it’s 100% free, with no strings attached
  • you can check how it works
  • you can improve it yourself or get someone to improve it for you (us or someone else)
  • you’ll still be able to read your Lector books in 10 years, on a different machine.

[edit] Formats

Firefox+Lector currently accepts the following formats of e-Books:

  • anything Firefox can read without our help (web pages, flash, etc.)
  • Open eBook Publication Specifications, with most of its variants (.opf, .obz, .epub)
  • Microsoft Reader publications - .lit — requires convertlit, also open-source
  • Cabinet Comic Books - .cbz, .cbr — requires unrar, also open-source.

Books may include:

  • text
  • hypertext
  • formulas (MathML)
  • bitmap images (Jpeg, Png, Gif…)
  • vector images (SVG)
  • sounds (MP3, Ogg, Wav… depending on the platform and configuration)
  • videos and animations (Flash, Mpeg, Avi, Mov, Wmv… depending on the platform and configuration)
  • interactivity (JavaScript on every machine, Java, Flash… depending on the platform and configuration)

Third-party plug-ins will permit expanding the list of formats understood by OpenBerg.

[edit] For more Information

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