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Orion Viewer is PDF and DJVU viewer for e ink readers and tablets based on muPDF and DjVuLibre libraries.


[edit] Supported features:

  • Bookmarks
  • Portrait/landscape orientation
  • Custom zooming
  • Custom border cropping
  • Support different navigation patterns inside page (left->right top->bottom and top->bottom left->right)
  • Next page pre-caching
  • Built-in file manager with recently opened file view
  • Tap Zones & Key binding
  • External Dictionaries support

[edit] Usage:

  1. Open document (it will be opened with zoom by width, in this case zoom = 0)
  2. Select appropriate orientation: portrait or landscape
  3. Crop borders, text size will be change accordingly to changing borders (if zoom by width specified)
  4. Enjoy reading!

[edit] Site:

Android market: Orion Viewer

Supported devices: Android based devices (from 1.5) also supported nook Classic and Spring Design Alex. Builds for nook Classic and Spring Design Alex available on project site

[edit] PRST1 support

Orion Viewer supports the PRST1's page turn buttons, no animations, manual cropping, Landscape mode and many other features. However it lacks autocropping, continuous page mode, and notes. Great for problematic image based .PDF files

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