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PC ePub Reader is a powerful free ePub Reader for Windows.

[edit] Overview

From the epingsoft web site

  • You can read DRM-free ePub books on your PC and notebook with this free reader.
  • Convenient. PC ePub Reader is designed with full support of keyboard controls, from reading controls to mode switchs.
  • Powerful. Based on IE, PC ePub Reader supports all HTML and CSS elements that the browser suppots, including those still not supported by weak eReaders and those not compatible on various devices.
  • Fast. PC ePub Reader is developed and built as standalone binary executable program. It's much faster than other readers based on Java VM or dependent readers.
  • Robust. Different from most other ePub Reader, PC ePub Reader is based on web browser, so it can reader all kinds of ePub books, especially those failed on eReaders.
  • Healthy with Night Mode. Night Mode provided(in one click) so that user can read on PC for a long time at night.

[edit] epingbsoft products

Other products from epingbsoft include:

  • ePub Maker - Word DOC to ePub converter
  • Mobi Maker - Convert Word DOC and HTML to MOBI for Kindle
  • ePub Magic - edit ePub TOC. More products planned.

These are not free.

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