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PowerPoint is one of the Microsoft Office files formats that can be used to produce eBooks.

[edit] Overview

PowerPoint is a graphic oriented presentation tool. If an eBook reader or conversion program supports this it usually means they convert it to graphic files and are then able to display them sequentially in a page oriented like a presentation. However, see below for a new tool. It is possible, of course to support the native binary format. The other features of PowerPoint are generally not supported such as the notes facility. PowerPoint can be set up to support a slide show. A PowerPoint viewer is available as a free download from Microsoft.

PowerPoint files usually have a .ppt extension. The power point data format has changed in the latest release to a .pptx extension or pptm extension (with VBA support). This file format is part of the Microsoft Office Open initiative and is related to the DOCX format.

The slideshow option for Power Point has a PPS (power point slideshow) extension. It can also have PPSX or PPSM extensions which is available as part of the Microsoft Office Open initiative on the newer releases.

[edit] EPub 3 support

In 2018 there is now a PowerPoint add-in that can export to fixed layout ePub 3 format.

Powerpoint can now be used to create rich interactive content, then export to fixed-layout ePub. There's a free add-in in MS Office Store called 'SlideGo Ebook Export'. To load it, open PowerPoint and select Insert -> Store -> Search for Epub. This requires Powerpoint 2013/2016 versions.

The following content are retained after conversion:

  • Images and text in fixed layout as designed
  • Embedded fonts
  • Audios and videos
  • Animations including animations by trigger

Output passes validation as EPUB3 therefore it is compatible with eBook stores.

[edit] PowerPoint Tools

http://www.pptools.com/index.html contains a complete set of Add-ins for PowerPoint. Some are free and some you have to pay for.

The free ones include:

  • THOR is a PowerPoint add-in that can memorize the size and position of any shape on a slide (or the size of the slide itself), then later "hammer" any other selected shape (or shapes) to the same size and position.
  • PPTools Selection Manager is a PowerPoint add-in that allows you to name selections of shapes on a slide then re-select them at any time.
  • PPTools Narrator is an add-in that helps you to produce narrated PowerPoint presentations with high-quality sound.
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