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These apps should work well on the PRS-T2, as they are very similar.


[edit] App Launchers / Task Switchers / Task Killers

  • ADW Launcher / ADW Launcher EX Lightweight app launcher and homescreen, can be configured for a minimum of animations -> works great on eInk. Official Sideload (only old versions)
  • Zeam Launcher another lightweight app launcher / home screen. Official Sideload thread
  • GO Launcher EX also very popular home screen. Official Website with Sideload
  • Lightning Launcher Ultra-light but fast and extremely tweakable, can be used to make a distinctive personal style home. Very e-ink friendly.
  • TaskSwitcher single press on home button -> enter all running and recently used apps, double press -> Home screen. Customize it as a "2nd home screen", by adding widgets and shortcuts!
  • Bar Shortcut put shortcuts into notification bar. Sideload here
  • TaskPanel XTRA Best Task-Manager out there: low permissions, Auto-kill preselected Apps on standby, Ignore Lists, Kill-Widget, White-Theme. Very reliable. Side-download here.
  • Advanced-Task-Manager Another Task-Manager. Auto-kill unwanted apps after reboot and when switching to standby.
  • SmartBar - an excellent system utility that contains an application manager, task manager, quick settings, info bar modifications, etc

[edit] System Tools

[edit] File Managers

[file-open-bug] Some file managers have trouble opening eBooks!!! As a result, the book is not opened, file manager windows stays active, but a spurious item is added to reader library with a 'Removing'-label.

  • Total Commander Free 2-pane file manager, can be configured to eink friendly black-on-white theme. Also supports FTP, SMB & WebDAV via plugins (May encounter root access problems with Superuser)
  • OI FileManager - [file-open-bug] Very lightweight file manager with "Open With" support. This way you can tap an ePub/PDF/Whatever, set it to open with "Reader" as default.
  • Root Explorer simply the best, built-in text editor and SQLite DB Viewer. Too much flicker during scrolling to be useful in 16-color mode (switch to mono). Copying/moving of multiple files between locations is too time-consuming - use two-panel file managers such as Total Commander instead.
  • Relaunch - very nice file manager for eInk screen. See also here, here and make sure to check the commit history on GitHub for the list of fixes in the newest versions.
  • ES File Explorer - free, featured all-in-one file manager, PRS-T1 root access seems broken!!!
  • AndExplorer (Attention: modifies filedates when copying)
  • Ghost Commander [file-open-bug] 2-pane file manager like Total/Norton/Midnight Commander, PRS-T1 root access seems broken!!!
  • ZArchiver Archive manager, compresses: 7z (7zip), zip, bzip2 (bz2), gzip (gz), XZ, tar and unpacks: 7z (7zip), zip, rar, bzip2, gzip, XZ, iso, tar, arj, cab, LZH, LZMA, xar, tgz, tbz, Z, deb, rpm archives. Sideload here

[edit] General Reading Apps

  • CoolReader - supports T1 hardware buttons, reads epub (non-DRM), fb2, doc, txt, rtf, html, chm, tcr, pdb, prc, mobi (non-DRM), pml formats. Own fonts possible! Extremely configurable app. Just a single black flash per page. Official Sideload
  • FBreader - patched version supporting hardware buttons. css-styles not supported. FBReader Homepage & Sideload (although official version does not work yet) & great Text-to-speech plugin (requires TTS)
  • Moon Reader - pageturn buttons not suported, tapping works.
  • Moon+ Reader Arabic & Hebrew special edition - supports rtl Hebrew epub files.
  • Isilo- since version 6.06b we have official support for sony prs-t1
  • ZipFileViewer - Support T1 H/W button, Auto wifi on, Auto text Alignment, Own fonts possible, Easy email transfer-No need USB. (TXT, SMI Reader to transfer files and to view the contents of Zip files)
  • AlReader - (under active developing now on Russian speaking forum. There is English interface too) ported from windows mobile - really nice and powerful e-reader. Homesite (runs windows mobile) -, Download actual version for android AlReader for Android going to be the same. Supports fb2,, fbz, txt, epub(going to be added) and many more. Full support for Sony prs-t1 (hard buttons and homescreen)
  • You can also find a collection of reading apps here, containing (confirmed installs are marked +): Aldiko(+), Borders, Amazon(+) (3.3 uses almost all internal memory, use, kobo(+), FBReader, wattpad, Moonreader, Droid Comic viewer, net android comics acv, PDV Viewer, Adobe Reader.

[edit] PDF Readers

  • RepliGo Reader (very good functionality to add notes - RepliGo Reader integrates seamlessly with Gmail, Dropbox, Evernote and numerous other applications.) Visibly higher PDF rendering quality in Landscape mode than in EbookDroid 1.3.2 (in its best document resolution mode), but at the cost of 2 redundant screen refreshes (flashes). RepliGo can do PDF to text conversions on the fly. In that text mode, fonts can be enlarged at will (with smooth edges), because it re-flows the text to make sure it fits. No need for special readers, or indeed for converters like Calibre. Only this realtime reflow feature is hard to find. Tap once in the middle of the page (not at the top or bottom) to see the onscreen menu, then press the eye icon in the top left hand corner. Then pinching out will zoom in, enlarging fonts and reflowing text to fill the screen as in one of those special ebook readers. Even Adobe Reader for Win7 lacks this feature (of course such text extraction does not work well for charts or tables).
  • office suite pro.apk
  • qPDF Notes Demo Version - very good functionality to add notes. Watermark added only Demo version. (Faster than RepliGo Reader and free). Version 2.08 does not have Landscape mode, does not remember last location within PDF between runs, has zoom buttons and book title constantly visible. But it has a rare NextPage button, which minimize flashing (the secret of Sony apps).
  • Android PDF Viewer (Pro) Good quality rendering in Portrait mode, but with multiple flashes. Pro version now has page turn feature via screen tapping. PDFs are displayed way faster than with built in PDF reader.
  • Orion Viewer supports the T1's page turn buttons, no animations, manual cropping, Landscape mode and many other features. However it lacks autocropping, continuous page mode, and notes. Great for problematic image based .PDF files
  • Official Adobe Reader. Very fast and convenient in text-reflow mode, works with swiping. Sideload here
  • PDF Reader. Features: e-ink friendly, buttons supported, page turn via tapping, auto-cropping, landscape mode, search all books on device and more. Free version comes with ads, which can be blocked.

[edit] Comic Readers

  • Perfectviewer - Perfect Viewer is a very fast image/comic viewer. Modified version using hardware buttons.
  • Smanga - Smanga - You can read manga online or download to memory card to read offline.
  • eBookDroid - eBookDroid (the PDf and DJVU reader) v1.3.1+ installs correctly (For 1.3.0 and below, see this and this posting for installation instructions). Page turn buttons are not supported, animations cannot be disabled.

[edit] Connected Reading Apps

  • Kindle for Android (The most recent version May not install. [Try installing the most recent version via Google Play, worked for me like a charm and was almost instantly available on the third screen.] Reason: it is too fat and requires almost all internal memory! Removing apps gets it installed however. Version is verified as working, same Version 3.5.1 is working, and can be moved with Link2SD. When you perform "Clean up the dalvik-cache" and "Clear all app caches" in Link2SD, you cause an app. error - you will have to uninstall and install it again, next you will have to re-download all your books starting from "Archve" menu.
  • Kobo
  • Wattpad
  • Aldiko
  • Safari To Go Not well integrated, nor e-ink friendly, but it works. Especially the offline bookbag which is handy.
  • Pocket Works well with PRS-T1, swiping works, but several flashes.

[edit] Offline Databases

[edit] Cloud Services, Social Media

  • FolderSync Lite - Cloud Folder Sync ALL-IN-1 - Skydrive, GoogleDrive, Dropbox etc. (only downloadable via AndriodPit, the GoogleMarket ingnores the PRS-T1).
  • Box - Online storage service. 5GB free, big files possible.
  • Dropsync - this is how Dropbox should have been designed in the first place - two-directional, pushing and pulling files dropped by any other application (such as browser) AND doing it en-bloc, for mutliple files and recursing through sub-folders (e.g. My\Apps <-> extsd/dropbox/apps, My\Books <-> extsd/dropbox/books, etc.). Dropbox app is entirely disposable if you have Dropsync (a free app) installed.
  • Dropbox - Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere.
  • Sugarsync - Sugarsync is a good solution to replicating and synchronizing your files across multiple computers.
  • Facebook - Always be connected to friends from any part of the world.
  • Wuala - Wuala is a free online storage service featuring on-device encryption.
  • WebDAV File Manager - Simple, small app for accessing files on a webdav server and synchronizing folders. (Unfortunately, the UI seems to be a Japanese->English translation by babelfish.) - WebDAV also featured via Total Commander & plugin
  • Skydriver - Alternative if you want using Skydrive
  • Google Drive - Google Docs included.
  • WhatsApp - Chat and make audio/video calls with friends and family.

[edit] Email clients, Web Browsers, RSS Readers, ...

[edit] Web-Browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox - free web browser, can download webpages as pdf and view websites with Adobe Flash. Also supports TOR/Orbot-app (see below) via plugin - Firefox Official Sideload. Note: Adobe Flash is now deprecated on android (in favor of HTML5) - Official last Flash version here.
  • Dolphin Browser mini - nice and fast. Downloading of any filetype possible. Includes tabbed browsing, history, commands by drawing. Very good experience in monochrome e-ink mode.
  • Opera Mini - Browser. Works, but not very well (tap screen, when it gets stuck). Mainly useful to download files, which are prohibited by the built in browser. Lets you choose download location on sdcard. (Official Sideload link)
  • Orweb Browser - Surf the Web anonymously in combination with TOR/Orbot (see below) - Official Sideload here.
  • Maxthon Android Web Browser - out of 7 browsers verified as installable and functional (Boat 2.7, Boat Mini 3.1, Dolphin Mini various builds, Maxthon 2.5, Miren 1.2, Opera Mini 6.5, xScope 6.44) only this one, Maxthon, got the custom download location feature actually working, which is some sort of indication of how well the others are written (Dolphin and Opera excluding because they simply hard-code the download location). This feature is crucial when using an additional SD card or using Dropsync and having downloaded files automatically uploaded to your PC. To use Maxthon in the monochrome mode (which is the only way to surf the net on current e-ink displays) you should download the "Black" Theme from the "Theme" menu, which switches to high-contrast menus (from the default low-contrast ones which would look OK only in the default 16-"color" mode while under the fast monochrome mode they can't be seen at all:),

[edit] E-Mail

  • K-9 Mail - Tested Version 3.800 with IMAP and POP3 accounts; before sync the network connection must be established. Works ok with Gmail. Can take advantage of APG - Android Privacy Guard (OpenPGP file and email encryption) - (Official Sideload)
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Gmail Official Gmail Client (only works after GoogleServicesFramework.apk has been installed)

[edit] Calendar

  • Google calendar app is already there (Minimal root kit). In order to synchronize, you need to install GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk
  • After you make Google Calendar work, you could install aCalendar. As from version 0.13.6 a calendar has official support for e-ink screens. There is no longer any flashing when swiping the screen to change view.

[edit] RSS (Newsfeed) readers

  • SparseRSS Lightweight, has eInk friendly Black-on-White Theme
  • Google Reader - Official Google RSS Reader (only works after GoogleServicesFramework.apk has been installed)
  • gReader Pro - Synchronize with Google Reader RSS aggregator.
  • NewsRob - Synchronize with Google Reader RSS agregator (smaller than gReader)

[edit] IM (Instant Messaging) clients

[edit] other

  • Orbot - TOR for Android (surf and chat anonymous). Official Sideload in combination with Firefox(see above), Orweb Browser (Official Sideload) or Gibberbot (IM Client - official sideload).
  • InstaFetch - Instapaper client; send articles, web pages from your desktop or phone browser for reading on your device. Reflows and paginates text for easy reading and page turning rather than vertical scrolling (physical turn buttons don't work, even when remapped to volume keys). If configured as an eInk reader, the turn page animation disappears.
  • Download All Files - This app from the Android Market enables the download of all filetypes through the Sony browser. Not needed if you rooted with rupor's root package.

[edit] Office

[edit] Calculators and Convertors

Free currency converter uses OANDA Rates®—the same daily filtered exchange rates used by auditing firms and banks.

  • RealCalc - Scientific Calculator Sideload here.
  • MathAlly Graphing CalculatorVery good calculator with many functions: natural mathematical symbol display (tweakable to basic text); Cartesian (free), Polar and Parametric (Paid version) coordinate graphing systems; graphing arbitrary equations and inequalities; customizable black-on-white graphs; simplifying mathematical expressions, calculating differentials, integration, logical functions, matrix, complex number; customizable keyboards (Paid version).
  • Free42 - HP42S Emulator. Works very good. It is possible to use downloaded skins and programs.

[edit] Learning apps

  • AnkiDroid Flashcard application for memorizing vocabulary or any kind of information.
  • Stars - A light application that displays the 88 constellations in the sky. Just touch the screen and see the universe moving around you. Works, but scrolling is very slow.

[edit] Musicians Tools

  • iRealb - simply the best lead sheet viewer and editor available!!! But only via Google Market. Works great on the T1, even the Band-in-a-Box-Feature :D Homepage:
  • ChordPad - lead sheet viewer and editor with setlist feature
  • GChord - Nice, fast and simple guitar chord tool. Works very nice with e-Ink!

[edit] Media Players

  • Google Listen - Podcast manager. May require downloading of podcasts in lieu of streaming.
  • MX Player - Able to play most media files (like ogg, mp3, aac, flac, avi, ... ) using ffmpeg. Sports rough, but fluid black & white SD video in combination with partial refreshmode app (might harm the display over time, not sure though). Sideload Free Edition here with "Codec for ARMv7+NEON type CPU" (ffmpeg-codecs).
  • [1] - Smart Audiobook Player. Very nice player, allows read spead to be adjusted if the reader is a bit slow.
  • Pandora - Pandora internet radio is a unique project that helps users find and listen music the Pandora believe they will love to. (Forum link)
  • Tune in Radio - Web Radio Player
  • Vanilla Player - Mp3 player works fine; no flickering screen; i didn't test audiobooks. (No on-screen volume controls; song list is blank, may be due to menu colour scheme change in rupor's latest root.)
  • Simple MP3 Music Folder Player - Mp3 folder player Widget works fine.

[edit] Bible Reading Apps

[edit] Miscellaneous

  • rfo-basic - BASIC!-App. BASIC very good interpreter with hardware sensor access, network, graphics and more ... Works very good with E-INK displays. It's a general purpose tool, which is easy to learn/use.
  • SlideIt3.0 - a "sliding" keyboard. It works great with RepliGO, for faster typing (tested with v3.0 of SlideIt). You may want to reduce the trail it leaves to a shortest.
  • Swype - another "sliding" keyboard. Requirements: 14 MB internal space (temporarily - use Link2SD), Dolphin Browser for download *.apk. After installation use Link2SD for Swype apk, remove Swype install.apk, add language: Language Options \ Manage Languages \ Download languages. Annoying animations cannot be disabled.
  • - free weather app for Germany, Switzerland and Austria
  • Multiling Keyboard - Supports many different languages. Small size - 900kb. Select the "Basic" theme for e-ink use.
  • AdAway - Ad blocker using the hosts file. Make sure to have enough free space on the /system partition! Has no effect on ads included in purely offline apps.
  • QuicPic - universal picture viewer, supports animated gifs and certain videofiles (needs no-refresh-mode for video). Official Sideload.
  • QR Droid - generate and decode QR codes. Official Sideload.
  • Teamviewer - Connect effortlessly to other computers running Teamviewer. Tested with Rupor's root package. Needed some time (couple of restarts) to run. For smooth operation switch off default screenrefresh. ( [2] ) Download from Because Google play won't let you.
  • Agricola Buddy - Calculate scores for the Agricola board game.
  • Dominion Shuffle - Generate a set of cards for a game of Dominion. Conditions for various card types can be set (min./ max. number of attack cards, cards costing 4c, ...). Not sure how to set the language for the cards when using the PRST1.

[edit] Games

  • Androminion Android version of the award winning strategy game Dominion. Play against computer AIs.
  • Blowtorch - MUD-Client for textbased, Massive-Multiplayer-Online-Role-Playing-Games (MMORPGs). Official Sideload (right-click, save as...) Possible Worlds to connect to see Top Mud Sides, The Mud Connector.
  • Chess for Android eInk friendly !!
  • DroidFish Chess game, PGN viewer, analysis engine - Official Sideload here. Supports Polyglot or CTG Chess opening books and Gaviota Endgame Tablebases (GTB) (download here).
  • Scid on the Go Chess database for handling Scid db files
  • Choice of Broadsides - Interactive Book set in the 15th century. Naval Battles, Intrigues, Romance. Very funny! All available Choice Games (also playable on website). Best played with no-refresh mode.
  • Mahjong - Includes over 80 tables. A hint functionnality also exist to help you when being stuck on a difficult table. Ads.
  • NetHack Ensure you use version 1.3.2 as 1.3.3 prefers SDcard installation and will not install
  • OpenSudoku works fine
  • Shortyz Crosswords Crossword puzzle application that downloads a number of free puzzles from the internet, and with a paid subscription, the NYT.
  • Simon Tatham's Puzzles ...optimized for eInk! (according to [3])
  • Sokoban A puzzle game where the player should push red diamonds onto designated locations without getting stuck.
  • Solitaire - Free, with periodicaly pop-up ads. Quick refresh rate (probably a battery drainer)
  • Gameboid and other Emulators, but it's hard to find Games that are playable on eInk.
  • the iggamecenter works on the sony prs-t1 using the dolphin browser, there you can play almost all board based games the world knows (against others).
  • Interactive Fiction : Twisty, Hunky Punk and ZMPP Free (I couldn't find a direct apk download for this one) all work on the PRS-T1. ZMPP will give you the largest possibilities, as it also plays .zblorb files, but for some reason refuses to play a couple of games (like " The Meteor, the Stone, and a Long Glass of Sherbet"), which is why it can be useful to have two interpreters on board. Twisty is more usable than Hunky Punk IMHO because the keyboard in Hunky Punk sometimes blocks the text and the prompt.

[edit] Apps needing confirmation

I collected these apps from the threads

[edit] Apps not working

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