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PSPKVM is a kvm (kernel virtual machine) to run j2me applications on a Sony PSP.

[edit] Features:

  • MIDP 2.0
  • Nokia UI APIs (partial)
  • WMA1.1(JSR120) stub
  • Networking (By PSP's WIFI)
  • Java AMS with MVM supporting
  • Several input methods: QWERTY/Abc/Symbol/...
  • Directly browse and run from local jad/jar file, and auto-install without interrupting
  • JPG support
  • MIDI & Wave audio playback support
  • Device emulation. You can choose device type to emulate for different screen sizes and key codes, either at installation time or from "Select device" menu
  • Change default key assignment for specific application.
  • JSR75(File Connection)
  • Virtual Keyboard Input
  • Chinese Input
  • JSR179(Location API)
  • Freetype2 font rendering

[edit] eBooks

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[edit] For more information

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