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A reader for devices under PalmOS. Supports many formats, but only shows the text (without hyperlinks, images etc). This is a Russian program but is available in several languages including: Bulgarian English German French Russian Ukrain

[edit] Supported formats

[edit] Features

Support for ZIP and GZ like folders with documents on memory cards and in main memory. Support for Hi-res displays. Work with documents from memory cards (SD, MS, etc) . Autoscroll "Smooth flow", "Screen rotation", "Smooth rotation". Profiles for document preferences. Customized toolbars. Hardware buttons adjustment. Rotate screen 90, 180, 270 degrees. Work with default fonts. Work with anti-aliased fonts, which can be converted from existing TTF or Type 1 fonts. Support for kerning in fonts, anti-aliasing palette adjustment. Automatic hyphenation (Russian). Doesn't require hyphenation base. Bookmarks, mark and memorize last reading position. Annotation for zTXT (only for documents in main memory). Search in the text. Copying text from screen exchange buffer. Fullscreen mode. Call for RoadLingua & BDicty dictionaries, application & "Desk Accessory". Adjustment for text output parameters. Text color, background color. Leading and tracking intervals, text margins, text align. Automatic encoding KOI, DOS, UTF-8, UTF-16. Text formatting. Automatic definition for paragraph format. Remove html tags, unnecessary spaces, line breaks. Work with the list of documents, categories, folder in "Explore device", "Catalog of documents", "Favorites", "Recently opened document" modes with delete, rename, copy, add to category, beam possibility . Document converter to random access zTXT, PalmDoc (without compression). Personalize and localize with skins and language modules.

[edit] Downloads there is also a font converter, fonts, custom skins and other features for this product.

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