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TCR stands for Text compression for Reader, a Psion format.

[edit] Overview

TCR files were originally designed for the Psion 3 series. They use a Psion specific compression that was native to this platform. There is very little text formatting supported in this format. TCR is based on the ZVR file format. TCR provides relatively good compression ratios of approximately 50% which are better than PalmDOC, the main rival to the TCR format at the time of release.

PalmDOC advantages:

  • Massive number of documents available
  • Extra information such as document title, original uncompressed size, etc. stored in the document
  • Can contain predefined bookmarks
  • Can be read on many different platforms

TCR advantages:

  • Slightly better compression ratio
  • More Psion specific documents available
  • EBook works perfectly well with FontMachine.

ZVR compression was first used as SAFA Media Audio File which were used for Voice recording. They can typically be converted to WAV files.

[edit] EPOC eBook Reader

EBook for EPOC is a Freeware electronic book (e-text/e-book) viewer. It supports the industry standard PalmDOC (Aportis) documents, as used on the Palm handhelds, TCR and regular text documents. Although primarily designed as a book reader EBook may also be used as a general document viewer but it does not support document formats such as EPOC Word, MS Word, HTML or PDF.

EPOC is the older name for Symbian OS. For other devices, Cool Reader or STDU Viewer can be used to support TCR files. All PocketBooks can read TCR files.

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