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pbimageviewer is a program for PocketBook devices to view collections of images.


[edit] Overview

The viewed images can be collected within a directory, or within archives such as CBZ (ZIP), CBR (RAR), CB7 (7ZIP) and CBT (Tar) files. Images can be zoomed/unzoomed, and navigation over the images can be done with the buttons and/or the stylus. For people without touchscreens, full navigation is available via the buttons. For comic books and manga, the program can automatically detect separated panels, fit each panel to the screen if desired, and jump between panels using the buttons. As a non-touchscreen owner myself, I was motivated to make the experience easier for those of us relying on buttons.

A new feature is the ability to see page numbers and total number of pages.

[edit] image support

The following graphics formats are supported: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF

[edit] installation

To use the program to view archives, you just need to unzip and copy the downloaded pbimageviewer-***.app file to system/bin/pbimageviewer.app on the device, and then edit the system/config/extensions.cfg file to make the system recognize the archive files as books. After that, you should be able to open .cbz or .cbr files in the library app.

The app is available in the MobileRead thread linked below. Customizations are available in the thread. It supports Pro (and 360+) devices and the older 30X/360 devices.

[edit] For more information

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