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This page is a collection of third party apps for the PocketBook family of eBook readers. They are taken from the MobileRead forum. See PocketBook#Software for the actual PocketBook Reader app.


[edit] Installed apps

The following apps are installed in the device when you get it: ReadRate, DropBox, send-to-PocketBook, Audio Player, Web Browser, bookstore, Photo album, Calendar and Clock, Klondike, Calculator, RSS News, Chess, Scribble, Snake, Sudoku, dictionaries

[edit] Utilities

  • Text To Speech (TTS): available here.
  • utility to create/edit your own keyboard: thanks to M@rkus, available here.

[edit] User developed applications:

WEB related

[edit] Communication/Shell Access

  1. Utility for remote shell access:
    1. for review's app: http://www.mobileread.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1333362&postcount=1
    2. see also the discussion on poterm: here.
    3. Yuryfdr's additions to Uroboros' poterm: http://fedorchenko.net/
  2. mamaich's instructions to get to the root of your pocketbook: here.

[edit] Programming Support

[edit] Reading/Writing

Note - for dictionaries, see here

  1. FBReader 180 (with wrist page turn, courtesy of GrayNM): here for the latest version. Additional discussions are in this thread.
  2. Application to read DJVU files with enhanced contrast (courtesy of review): for the most up to date version see here, but see here for installation instructions (and it is useful to read also the whole discussion).
  3. Annotations (courtesy of review): instructions are here for the latest 2.0.4 FW version (released in January), and here for the December 2.0.4 version.
  4. More on annotations - bogomil's suite: see here - whole thread is here
  5. CoolReader (review's adaptation of reader42's port for 302) is here - you are strongly advised to read the whole CoolReader thread in this forum, especially this post.
  6. CoolReader 3 (from the Russian forum version) NOW WITH WRIST PAGE TURNS and basic STYLUS SUPPORT for the X03 models - the latest version is v0.0.6-6 (CREngine 3.0.57-1), see here - whole thread is here, and the most up to date version can be found here. Note: for the correct menu image file copy the appropriate attached file in the "skin" subfolder (under "system/bin/share/cr3/bin"). The .zip file attached contains several versions in other languages - the file name begins with the device type for which it works, so when after copying the image file rename it "cr3_pb_quickmenu.png" (thanks to J.C. and apos). A few menus are missing, so feel free to contribute your own ;). bivsumy (Ukranian forum user) has CoolReader page with instructions and tips that is really very good. See also this thread for CR3 actively maintained.
  7. Utility to reflow text in txt files (courtesy of neurocyp)download with instructions here - whole thread is here
  8. Pi, the text editor (courtesy of yuryfr): download with instructions here - yury's page is here
  9. application to view image files (courtesy of rkomar): see here
  10. application to edit EPUB files (courtesy of rkomar, uses Yuryfr's Pi editor): see here

[edit] Layout

  • Gerda has done some works on themes for the Pro models - see here
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