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Polymer Vision, from Eindhoven, the Netherlands, is the pioneer and mobile industry leader of a revolutionary new generation of mobile devices enabled by rollable displays. The company's first product, the Readius®, is a pocket sized device combining a large 5" rollable display with 3.5G high speed connectivity. It is designed around 'always available' and 'real time updated' personalized news and information of the user. The Readius® is the first member of a family of Polymer Vision products that will offer consumers large rollable displays (5"-to-9") in small pocket size devices. These devices fulfill a growing demand for larger mobile displays to complement the accelerating trend towards mobile content, applications and mobile advertising.

In 2007 Polymer Vision was the winner of the 3GSM Global Innovation Award. In October of 2007 Polymer Vision acquired the whole of the business activities of Innos Limited UK, the manufacturing subcontractor of the company's rollable displays and integrated this into Polymer Vision.

Polymer Vision has demonstrated the use of their technology on color displays with 65K colors.

Polymer Vision went bankrupt before delivery of their product. Wistron has purchased the Readius design as of November 2009 and will continue the product and expect a release in 2010.

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