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Readius shown half open

Readius is a new eBook Reader / Cell phone from Wistron who bought the rights from Polymer Vision. Expected to deliver in 2010 however it is not known what changes they might make before release.

[edit] Features

As the world’s first pocket eReader, Readius exploits the versatility of rollable displays to merge the 'reading friendly' strengths of eReaders with pocket size form factor and world wide connectivity.

The display is Rollable organic thin film transistor backplane with electrophoretic front plane. With a display larger than the device itself, and designed around ‘ease of use' and mobility, Readius is optimized for reading for 30 hours without battery charge.

The 3.5G HSDPA tri-band connection allows worldwide high speed instant updates from personally selected news sources, special services and email. The Micro SD High Capacity storage ensures easy access to other favorite information and eBooks. Readius also features audio capabilities (such as MP3) for podcasts, audio books and music.

[edit] Specifications

  • Weight: Ultra light. At 115g just one third the average weight of current e-readers
  • Dimensions:
    • (closed) 115 x 57 x 21 mm (L) x (W) x (T)
    • (open) 115 x 160 x 21 mm (L) x (W) x (T)
  • Display size: Large 5" display, 16 grayscale, 240 x 320 pixels (QVGA)
  • Device size: The only pocket sized eReader
  • Battery life: 30 hours of continuous reading
  • Connectivity:
    • Global wireless connectivity, with the greatest coverage of any eReader (Tri Band/3.5G HSDPA)
    • Supporting ActiveSync and USB mass storage (USB FS)
    • Communication with accessories and other devices (Bluetooth 2.0)
  • Processor: Powerful processing engine (ARM11 400MHz)
  • OS: WinCE
  • Storage:
    • RAM 128 MB
    • Internal Storage 256 MB
    • Commercially available up to 8GB (High Capacity Micro SD)
  • User Interface: Just 8 SimpleTouch Buttons
  • Power: Rechargeable battery

[edit] Comments

Phone use requires handset.

Applications include: cell phone, RSS reader, eBook reader, e-mail, audio player

After company went into bankruptcy, there are no signs of this ever reaching the market.

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