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QuickReader is a speed reading app for iOS that can also be used as a standard ePub eBook reader.

[edit] Overview

This is an eBook reading app combined with a speed reading app. It will guide you to faster reading. It can be used as a standard ePub reader. It is supported on both iPhone and iPad devices and has multi-column features on the iPad to help speed reading by narrowing the columns to newspaper width. Portrait and Landscape are supported.

Besides ePub this application can also work with Pasteboards. These are iOS speak for the contents of a cut and paste operation. You can cut/copy a text selection from another app and then paste the results in this app. These results can be saved for reuse or used to test your speed reading.

[edit] Features

(Mostly from the web site)

  • Read thousands of books and improve your productivity, for less than the cost of a paperback.
  • Access over 6500+ downloadable EPUB books right within the application through Feedbooks.com and several some other web sites such as Project Gutenberg and the Internet Archive.
  • Add your favorite eBooks downloaded from any standard OPDS catalog.
  • Side load DRM free ePub eBooks. Can work with Calibre
  • Import articles, web pages, email and more with the QuickReader Pasteboards.
  • Customize colors, fonts, text size, margins and more for the perfect reading experience.
  • No more constant scrolling or page turning needed with the Guided Reading Technology.
  • Save time by reading faster. Learn to adjust your speed as needed.
  • Enhance your reading focus and learn to tune out distractions with proven techniques.
  • Incrementally improve your reading speed with the best-selling Speed Reading Technology.
  • Track your reading improvement as you gain speed with QuickReader’s Speed Tests.
  • Practice anytime you have a few spare moments.
  • Customizable user interface just for your reading pleasure!

[edit] Products

  • QuickReader - English language preloaded with 52 eBooks. No internet access needed.
  • QuickReader lite - Free eBook reader with 2 eBooks, supports guide features and speed testing. The is for evaluation purposes, No eBook downloads. Does not include direct access to OPDS sites to avoid having the child download inappropriate eBooks but parents can manually add access to appropriate sites.
  • Young Reader - A version of QuickReader for children. Includes 130 eBooks for children and all of the guide and testing features. Targeted at kids from 8 to 13 years old.
  • QuickReader Espanol - Spanish version (30 to 50 eBooks preloaded)
  • QuickReader Deutsch - German version (30 to 50 eBooks preloaded)
  • QuickReader Francais - French Version (30 to 50 eBooks preloaded)
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