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This page covers programs that can read RSS pages and Atom syndication on a mobile device.


[edit] Platforms

[edit] Windows Mobile

The PRSS reader is the one of the best readers for these devices. It is a free download from It lets you view RSS feeds directly on Windows Mobile devices. It can read several messages in a row without having to return to the message list. It also supports images and other html extensions. It can automatically update the RSS feeds when you sync the unit and displays the message status on the today screen.

Here is a list of the top ten RSS readers for Windows Mobile devices.

[edit] Palm

Here is a list of the top PalmOS based RSS readers.

[edit] Windows

If you are using Windows on a portable device then Internet Explore 7.0 from Microsoft has an addin that can be used to directly read RSS feeds. It works very well and one of the few that supports categories. Firefox Thunderbird and SeaMonkey can also read RSS feeds directly.

[edit] Boox60

An RSS reader for the Boox60 which directly downloads RSS feeds using the Wi-Fi connection on the device. This will also work on the Bebook Neo.

[edit] iPhone and iPad

Feeddler Pro is an RSS reader for iPad and iPhone devices.

[edit] Converters

[edit] RSS2FB2

NMD Parser - This site is in Russian but since it is a Google site there is a Google translation button you can hit. This is a free program that will translate an RSS feed to FB2 format. There are several eBook Readers that can read FB2 files. Generally they are either FBReader or Cool Reader based. These two readers are also available on more general portable devices.

[edit] RSS to eBook

News to eBook will convert an RSS feed to ePUB or MOBI formats for use with an eBook Reader. This is a web application and should work for any device. Also works with Atom feeds and Google Reader subscriptions.

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