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reader with pen (click and zoom to read the text)


  • Made by: Crowd funded
  • Released: Estimated shipping of first orders-Sept. 15, 2017
  • Predecessor: none
  • Languages Supported: English
  • File Types Supported: PDF, ePub


Remarkable is both a company and a their first device: a writing slate with stylus/e-reader.

From the Remarkable website:

The paper tablet for people who prefer paper. Replace your notebooks, sketchbooks and printouts. Paper-like reading, writing and sketching with digital powers. Remarkable uses Intelligent Word Recognition to convert handwritten text into typed text.

Reading fuels the brain, and reMarkable is the ultimate reading device. The paper-like display provides a superior reading experience. Write and annotate directly on the surface like you would on paper and let your eyes indulge the pages in comfort. Sketch as if on paper. Instantly transfer documents, PDFs, textbooks and e-books wirelessly with ease.

The canvas Paper-like surface: Looks and feels like paper with just the right friction. By combining cutting edge E Ink Carta technology with ultra-thin high-friction surface materials, the CANVAS display is purebred paper experience.

Pricing reMarkable $529 + Marker $79 + Folio (case) $79 + shipping $29 - package $716 limited time.


  • Size 177 x 256 x 6.7mm (6.9 x 10.1 x .26 inches)
  • Weight Approximately 350 gram (.77 pounds)
  • CANVAS display
    • 10.3” monochrome digital paper display (no colors)
    • 1872 x 1404 resolution (226 DPI)
    • Partially powered by E Ink Carta technology with E Ink Mobius TFT
    • Multi-point capacitive touch
    • No glass parts, virtually unbreakable
    • Paper-like surface friction
    • Palm rejection
  • Wacom EMR Pen
    • No battery, setup or pairing required
    • Special high-friction pen tip
    • Tilt detection
    • 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • CPU: 1 GHz ARM A9 CPU
  • Storage and RAM:
    • 8 GB internal storage (100,000 pages) free space 6.5 GB
    • 512 MB DDR3L RAM
  • Wi-Fi connected
  • Battery: Rechargeable (Micro USB) 3000 mAh
  • Operating system: Codex, a custom Linux-based OS optimized for low-latency e-paper
  • Document support: PDF and ePub, with more formats to be announced
  • Menu language: English only
  • Buttons: Power, Home, Previous, Next
  • Folio case available.



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