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part of the RestructureWiki road map.

an overview of the methodology that will be used including wiki functionality, and document formating.


[edit] Wiki Facilities to be used

[edit] Categories

Categories are MediaWiki's primary way to group pages. They have a built in method for referencing pages. All pages in the wiki should be a member of a category if ANY apply.

[edit] Templates

templates are the way that pages of similar structure are created. Frequently templates are used to create sections of a page.

[edit] ?Transclusion?

not included in a standard install is labeled Transclusion. It allows the ability to include or quote sections of a page/template. The three current implemntations of it are:

it may be helpful to note that they all have the same author, and show only minor differences.

[edit] Outside Facilities to use

[edit] ?Private web app?

The ability to use a database to keep certain variables that will be common to a group of data has advantages and drawbacks. This option needs to be strongly considered as a way to make the more comparative data easier to maintain.

[edit] Categories Proposed

  • FileFormat - page name based on its extension *.xml for example would be xml
  • Reader - software or hardware (naming convention needed)
  • Hardware - hardware based reading devices, all hardware will also be "reader"
  • Software - any program that is being tracked, all reader non-hardware will be part of software
  • Company - This will have information on the companies referenced in other articles, company pages may reference other companies as their parent, child, or partner on a project
  • Technology - things such as e-ink or rss that have a broad impact on many technological implementations
  • HowTo - guides for a specific task
  • welcome - any simple or no background articles to help people get use to the landscape
  • Stub - incomplete (done by including the {{stub}} tag in a page
  • speculative - contains information that is likely to go out of date, such as a page on the new amazon reader
  • Core - used for the categories, templates and pages that are central to the organization of the wiki.
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