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[edit] Purpose / Mission

Mobileread has become a public forum where people discuss all technologies related to text based human communication. The primary method of this dialog has been the forum system. Due to the increasing span and depth of the topic matter covered in the forums it has become more important/needed to collate the data in a more easily consumable format. Because of this the need to better format the MobileRead wiki has arisen. Thus the mission is of this reformat is:

To restructure and populate the MobileRead wiki in such a way to facilitate access to any and all fact based information reflected in the forums. In the case that opinions must be voiced in the wiki, they should be the view of an overwhelming majority, if not a consensus of the MobileRead community.

[edit] Road Map

The following steps will need to take place to smoothly restructure the wiki:

  • Mr. Eebee Deebee-outline of database integration
  • Plan: an overview of the methodology that will be used including wiki functionality, and document formating.
  • Prototype: create small sections that implement the plan, as a proof of concept
  • Framework: create a fully expanded version of the prototype
  • Template: create the re-used parts of pages
  • Stub: create the base of all known needed pages
  • Populate: flesh out the pages
  • Cross Reference: make sure that the pages are interconnected where ever it makes sense
  • Maintain: update pages as needed

[edit] Current Focus

currently we are working on the planning and prototyping phases. Once a working and agreed upon plan is established, we will proceed down the road map.

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