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The Royal® Electronic Reference Bible provides built in KJV Bible and other features. There are three models available.

[edit] Specifications

  • Complete Electronic KJV Bible, Old and New Testaments - all
  • Complete Electronic World English Bible -all
  • Complete KJV Audio Bible Narrated by Dan Wagner and David Williams - ATB models
  • Built-In Keyboard - ATB-3 only
  • Quickly Jump to a Verse Using the Built-In Keyboard - ATB-3 only
  • Audio Speaker - ATB models
  • Listen to the Bible and Read Along Simultaneously - ATB models
  • Quick Jump Function for Switching Between the Two Translations - all
  • Auto-Scrolling for Continuous Reading - all
  • Inspirational Verses Grouped by Topic - all
  • Optional Setting for Displaying Verses at Random - all
  • Feature for Storing Your Favorite Verses - all
  • External Output for Earphones (Included) and Car MP3 Players - ATB models
  • Built-In Calculator and Phone Book - all
  • 4-Line Display of Text - all
  • Small and Compact Design - all
  • Weight: 4 ounces - all
  • Uses Two AAA Batteries - all
Royal atb4.png Royal etb1.png

[edit] For more information

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