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X is a windows system for Unix (Linux) systems. The Kindle Touch uses a Linux kernel.


[edit] Window Naming

To make a window visible its title must be set according to the following naming scheme:


[edit] L: Layer

<layer> is one of:

  • A -- Application Layer
  • C -- Chrome Layer
  • D -- Dialog Layer
  • KB -- Keyboard Layer
  • SS -- ScreenSaver Layer

[edit] N: Window Type

<window_type> can be "application", "dialog", "pillowAlert", ...

[edit] ID:

<custom_title>: name of the window or the parent window for dialogs. "system" is reserved for system stuff

[edit] Other flags

  • PC str "N" - set size to full screen
    • "TS" - size to show chrome layer
    • other or missing - normal window, size so that title bar is visible
    • valid for L:A only
  • M bool modal dialog window
  • valid for L:D only
  • RC bool round corners of the window
  • RKB bool requires KB -- positioned so as to expect showing keyboard valid for L:D only

[edit] Examples

show fullscreen clock with distorted aspect ratio:

xclock -name "L:A_N:application_ID:xclock" 

show clock with 300x300 pixels size in the center of the screen:

xclock -geometry 300x300+150+250 -name "L:D_N:application_ID:xclock" 

print message

xmessage -geometry 100x100+200+500 -title "L:D_N:application_ID:xmsg" "Testmessage"

[edit] Fonts

KT has only very few X11 fonts installed. Some x-clients do not start, if the required font is not available.

xfonts are located in /usr/share/fonts/X11/misc/. Additional fonts need to be placed there and the file fonts.dir must be updated accordingly. To activate the new fonts. The x-server must be restarted.

To force the x-client to use an other font is often possible with the -font option. Example:

xmessage -title "L:D_applicationID:" -font "*200*ISO*" "Test"

[edit] Applications

[edit] X Terminal

[edit] Evilvte

evilvte -title "L:D_applicationID:evilvte" 

Evilvte accepts inputs from the Kindle onscreen keyboard:

lipc-set-prop -s com.lab126.keyboard open evilvte:ABC:1

[edit] Xterm for Kindle Touch

[edit] Problems

Occasional restarts of xserver (and framework of course)

[edit] Information Sources

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