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SGML means Standard Generalized Markup Language.


[edit] Overview

It is an early standard for defining Markup to use in documents. It is very generalized and can be used to define all kinds of markups. XML is a specific implementation of SGML. Framemaker also has a markup language called MIF. Technically an XHTML document is an SGML.

Files conforming to SGML can have any extension. Generically the extension could be .SGM or .SGML

[edit] Requirements

A conforming SGML document must be either a type-valid SGML document, a tag-valid SGML document, or both.

[edit] A type-valid SGML document

An SGML document in which, for each document instance, there is an associated document type declaration (DTD) to whose DTD that instance conforms.

[edit] A tag-valid SGML document

An SGML document, all of whose document instances are fully tagged. There need not be a document type declaration associated with any of the instances. If there is a document type declaration, the instance can be parsed with or without reference to it.

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