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This is a Wiki table of MobileRead users who bought the Sony Portable Reader device.

[edit] First's

First hands-on: Bob R, NatCH

First delivery: Paul Moews

[edit] The Sony Reader crowd

User City Country Status, or Delivery date Serial No. Your website, blog, etc.
Alexander T Lucerne Switzerland Delivered and received (sometime around November) 0000633 MobileRead
Bob R Pittsburgh US Delivered Oct 4, 2006 739 MobileRead
RandyP Canoga Park CA US DELIVERED! 9/29/06 11:30 AM PDT 14838930 0000496
Slava New England US SonyStyle at Copley Place 2006/10/02 Sony Reader
Scotty1024 Seattle US expected ship: 29th September
Xtremegene Houston US Purchased at Sony Style store in the Galleria. 209
Bingle SF Bay Area US Purchased at Sony Style store at the Metreon. 622
hkabir New Zealand NZ Purchased at Sony Style store, San Diago .(through my brother)
Jake Seattle WA Oct. 5th -picked it up in person from geekravr (and visiting dad) at U Village Barnes & Noble (quite apropos...)
NatCh Houston Republic of Texas Status? Really slow about entering it this list, that's my status.  : ( 0000129
RWood Northern Virginia Virginia November 17th at Boarders in Fairfax, VA 0002347
BettyE Northern NJ US Sony Style web site, received November 14th 0007645
AndiR El Puerto de Santa Maria Spain Ordered over phone from CompUSA and picked up at store next day (Mid November) Unsure
dynabook Mississippi US Borders Store in Memphis, TN Nov 06 0004214
BrendenM Wisconsin US Christmas 2006 Gift from 0008341
hudson Washington, DC US SonyStore in Pentagon Mall 0020063 EBook formatting
orcinus Zagreb Croatia Ebay, 29.01.2007. 0011945
Echoloc8 Alabaster, AL US Birmingham CompUSA, 31-Mar-2007 0025926
gabcarac Buenos Aires Argentina SonyStyle New York City, 10-Mar-2007 0023927
mogui Kunming China Fry's in Portland OR, Apr-2007 0005490
Ken Lancashire UK EBAY OR, May-2007
Hadrien Paris France Borders in Chicago, Dec 07 0010129 Feedbooks
ekbh Osaka Japan, to Colorado, to Osaka, June 2007
jmah Adelaide, SA Australia Borders in San Francisco, June 2007
Robert Nagle Houston, TX United States Tiger Direct's Amazing July 4 $99 Deal idiotprogrammer
gfb Jersey CIty, NJ United States Tiger Direct's $99 deal
volwrath Nashville, TN United States Tiger Direct $99 07/09/07 25954
cpgmattr Austin, TX United States Tiger Direct $99 07/09/07
mark hill London United Kingdom Borders 03/04/07 0011491
charged Hatfield, PA United States Tiger Direct's $99 deal. 7/10/07 24950
Thax Broomfield, CO United States Borders Late 2006 0001414
Donovan Belfast N. Ireland Bought through Ebay early 2007 0022357 Shop Ireland
Harrison Owensboro, KY United States SonyStyle July 2007 0044806 The Talking Head
Dublee Alameda, CA United States August 2, 2007 0044983
et.hook City Bell, BsAs Argentina Borders, SF, USA. early 2007 0021236
bbooth Miami, FL United States Borders, Kendal, USA. Dec 31 2005? 0009712
monkeywrench San Antonio, TX United States Sony Style, San Antonio, Dec 2006 0011306
phrodod LA Area, CA United States on order from waiting... None
DINO ELWANY alexandria egypt san diego,ca fry's 00355085
vivaldirules Houston, TX United States Fry's in Houston, July, 2007 0031591
eboily Montreal, Qc Canada eBay, Nov, 2006 0002398
DrMoze NY, NY United States SonyStyle (500) 8/07, DataVision (505) 12/07 -will update-
Seb801 Radebeul Germany eBay 02/2008 0059739
ZetaSagittarii Kyoto Japan B&H Photo, 2008.06.10  ?
Khourianya Langdon, AB Canada Sony Style, 23 June 2008 1109007
dynamike Mainz Germany Ebay, August 2008
kinscore San Jose, CA United States Sony Style, 2008
Bbusybookworm Nottingham UK eBay, September 2007
Kraikron S. Bangkok Thailand eBay, November 2008
brontus NJ YA eBay, February 2009
sepinho Berlin Germany PRS-300 bought at BestBuy in Spokane, Wa., September 2009 14839935 1013768 -
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