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The Accidental Damage Plan is optional and covers incidences such as accidental drops of the Sony Portable Reader.

[edit] Extended warranty

  • 2yrs $24.99
  • 3yrs $39.99
  • 4yrs $59.99

[edit] Accidental Damage warranty

  • 2yrs $44.99
  • 3yrs $69.99
  • 4yrs $99.99

If you ordered the Reader online without signing up for extra warranty, you may contact Sony by phone if your purchase is within the last 60 days. Various numbers:

  • Sony Style: 1-877-865-SONY
  • ESP department: 1-866-766-9259
  • Sony Sales: 1-877-518-7669 (reported to work [1])

You should have handy your order number, serial number from the device, and a US credit card.

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