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Symbols are often encoded in Unicode formats to provide a standard glyph for use as a font. See ISO-8859-1 for symbols below 256 (U+100) and special characters for sample values above 256. See also Named character references for HTML5 supported codes.

[edit] Categories

The series range is shown, however, many symbols are already present in fonts outside the ranges shown here.

  • Currency symbols - alternate glyphs are not supported, except by font variation. U+20A0..U+20CF codes symbols not found embedded in other locations. Small font variants are between U+FE50..U+FE6F
  • Technical symbols - generally control codes U+2400..U+243F, U+2300..U+23FF
  • Letterlike symbols - U+2100..U+214F
  • Geometrical symbols - U+2300..U+23FF, U+2600..U+26FF, U+2B00..U+2BFF
    • Box drawing U+2500..U+257F
    • blocks U+2580..U+259F design to make crude graphics
    • Geometric shapes U+25A0..U+25FF, U+1F780..U+1F7FF
  • Mathematical alphabets - U+1D400..U+1D7FF - Helps solve the problem where many math characters look similar to regular letters.
    • Mathematical symbols - U+1EE00..U+1EEFF, U+27C0..U+27EF, U+2980..U+29FF
    • Mathematical operators - U+2200..U+22FF, U+2A00..U+2AFF
    • Invisible mathematical operators - needed to provide semantics and automatic interpretation.
  • Miscellaneous symbols and dingbats - often well established symbols. U+2600..U+26FF, U+1F300..U+1F5FF, and U+1F900..U+1F9FF
    • dingbats U+2700..U+27BF ornamental U+1F650–U+1F67F
    • weather symbols U+2600..U+2603, U+26C4..U+26CB, U+1F321..U+1F32C, U+2614 umbrella with rain drops
    • mapping symbols U+26E8..U+26FF (overlaps with dictionary) and U+1F680..U+1F6FF
    • traffic signs U+26CC..U+26CD, U+26CF..U+26E1
    • dictionary symbols U+26E8..U+26FF
    • recycling symbols
    • game symbols
      • Mahjong Tiles: U+1F000..U+1F02F
      • Domino Tiles: U+1F030..U+1F09F
      • Playing Cards: U+1F0A0..U+1F0FF
      • Chess pieces: U+02654..U+0265F
    • animal symbols - used by Asian cell phone carriers. U+1F400..U+1F42C
    • cultural symbols - mostly landmarks U+1F5FB..U+1F5FF
    • hand symbols - hands in various positions. U+1F446..U+1F450, U+1F58E..U+1F5A3, U+1F918..U+1F91E, U+270A..U+270D
    • music notation U+02669..U+0266F, U+1D100..U+1D1E8
    • poetry and lyrics metrics - U+23D1..U+23D9
    • dental notation - U+23BE..U+23CC
    • electrical notation - U+238D..U+2394, U+23DA earth ground and U+23DB fuse
    • Alchemist Symbols: U+1F700..U+1F77F
  • Numerals
  • Superscript and subscript symbols - U+2070..U+209F
  • Pictographic symbols
  • Emoticons - "picture character," or pictograph U+1F600..U+1F64F
  • Enclosed and square symbols - symbols around characters

[edit] Special forms

  • Combining marks may also be used for symbols. especially U+20D0..U+20FF
  • Dingbats and optical character recognition characters are different from all other characters in the standard, in that they are encoded based primarily on their precise appearance. U+2440..U+245F

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