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Tachiyomi is a FOSS manga reader and manager for Android.


[edit] Overview

  • Extensions - Online reading from sources such as KissManga, MangaDex and more.
  • Tracking - MyAnimeList, AniList and Kitsu support.
  • Configurable - Reader with multiple viewers, reading directions and other settings.
  • Management - you can directly access lots of online catalogues via Tachiyomi and the app handles all the management e.g. downloading new chapters as they appear on a catalogue.

[edit] Formats

Supported chapter formats are folders with pictures inside, ZIP/CBZ, RAR/CBR and EPUB. But expect better performance with folders and ZIP/CBZ.

This program has its own folder in base storage and/or an SD card. You can also put your chapters or manga in both storage places and Tachiyomi will merge them.

[edit] Download

  • The app is only available on their website and github page for android. Current version v0.13.4
  • They have a step by step instructions here

[edit] Forks

Tachiyomi has forks such as TachiyomiJ2K, TachiyomiAZ, TachiyomiSY, Neko, ect. Fork Tree Image

The fork page can be found here

[edit] Tachiyomi sites

Website Github page

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