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[edit] Additional Info

[edit] JPeg resolution:

It seems that the 'optimal' resolution for the device to display fullscreen pictures is 767x600 to 760x600 (reader will add border around picture). Zooming a picture (by press and hold the 'zoom'-knob) the picture goes from portrait to landscape mode. Recommended resolution is 800x567 to 800x560.

It will be interesting to see which sizes are recommended for medium and large view. Also which image resolution will be recommended for anime which should be viewed in landscape mode where the image is larger(takes more than 1 screen to see a page clearly)

[edit] Image properties in LRF files

It seems when creating an ebook in LRF mode, that the image will be converted to jpeg; regardless whether this gives the best quality for compression or not. It would be nice to know the 'optimal' resolution for a book cover, since creating a too large image could increase the book's size, and a too small one could make the book cover seem blurry.

[edit] Font info

Of the standard fonts, 7pt is the smallest readable font. Any smaller than that (6pt)is readable, however sub- or superscript will not be viewable on the screen. Any font (non-sub- or superscript) smaller than 5pt is generally too small to read on the reader.

The Sony reader's LRF file generally supports 3 font types, with a standard fontsize of between 7pt and 15pt.

[edit] Buttons

The 'Press and hold' function on the reader works on following knobs:

  • Zoom: This will trigger landscape/portrait mode.
  • PgFwd/Back: Will trigger 10 pages at a time (forward or back)
  • Volume Up/Dn: Will trigger 'mute'
  • Menu: Will go back to main menu
  • Bookmark: Will go to All Bookmarks page.
  • Enter(center knob of 4-way pad): In picture mode will zoom out to fullscreen
  • 1-0: Number knobs will bring you relative to the percentage of the book:
  • 1: Goto page 1
  • 2: Goto 11% of bookpage (eg= page 11 on a 100 page book)
  • 3: Goto 22% of book
  • 4: Goto 33%
  • ..
  • 5=44, 6=55, 7=66, 8=77%
  • ..
  • 9: Goto 88%
  • 0: Goto end

[edit] Marketing

On the Sony support web site, there are Marketing flyers for two models of the PRS 505:

   * Marketing Specifications (PRS505LC)
   * Marketing Specifications (PRS505SC)

I haven't been able to find any info on the difference between the models. Is this just silver vs. blue?

Yes, DaleDe 23:20, 6 August 2008 (EDT)

It can also be noted that links above are outdated. Marketing specs are here at the time of writing:

[edit] Note Taking

The article states:

The Sony PRS-505 supports the ability to add notes [...]

...this is wrong, isn't it? My 505 does not have note-taking capabilities. I'd think you'd need a Touch for that!?

[edit] Statistics

For statistics on this page see: Page Statistics#PRS505.

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