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TeBR file format is an eBook format designed with mobile devices, PDAs, and smartphones in mind, although a Windows Desktop version is also available.


[edit] Readers

[edit] Conversion

There is currently no utilities available to convert from TeBR into another format.

Conversion utilities exist to convert from HTML and PML directly into TeBR, or an intermediary format where final DRM and password can be added by the e-book retailer at the time of purchase. Server tools have been released in EXE for Windows and Java.

[edit] Format features

The format features Compression and Encryption on all content among other features.

Encryption levels include 'Personal Edition' strength where the file creation tool is internationally exportable, and 'Professional' strength available only to industry.

Encryption is used for DRM (Digital rights management) although all data is encrypted. A second optional encryption can be used to password protect the contents.

The compression system is not 'streamed' continuously from beginning to end of the content, but rather handles data in blocks to allow the reader program to quickly return to last page and makes better use of small devices lower speeds and storage.

Other format features include: Ability to Print flag, Valid Times for dated material, Multi-media file inclusion, internal and external links, Table of Contents, and the ability to encode more than ten devices into the DRM system.

[edit] Typesetting

The eBook text format is free-flowing as opposed to typeset, meaning the rendering program is free to choose font, text sizes, and color. Simple formatting commands are supported, such as Bold, Underline, Center, Page Break, etc.

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