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There is no need to put pages which will be transcluded into Template:* . I think Template:* should only be used for templates without specific content.


[edit] mod comment

I would agree. In addition the pagename becomes available in its own right as a source for the user. Page names should consider all users of this wiki. For exampe Comp List-Common has no meaning and does not indicate that this is for Kindle devices only. Pick names that can focus the user on the desired page and whenever possible use something a user might type in the search box. --DaleDe (talk) 16:32, 30 October 2012 (EDT)

[edit] continue with documentation

To transclude normal pages just do


[edit] Normal Page Transcluding Example


Kindles have a built-in eips command that can clear the screen, can print to the screen, can scroll the text screen, and can display PNG or JPG files to the screen.

[edit] Overview

eips is a custom e Ink support program for kindles.

[edit] Usage

[edit] Update Screen

eips ''

[edit] Print text strings

eips  [col] [row] [-h] string


  • -h for highlighted text

[edit] Show image

eips -g|-b image_path [-w waveform -f -x xpos -y ypos -v]


  • -g for png|jpg, -b for bitmap
  • -w waveform can be gc16 gl16 or du, default is gc16
  • -f for full update, default is partial update
  • -x in units of pixels (does not work on K4)
  • -y in units of pixels (does not work on K4)
  • -v for inverted picture (does not work on K4)

[edit] Paint a retangle on screen

eips -d l=a,w=b,h=c [-x xx -y yy -w wf]


  • -l gray level in hex
  • -w width
  • -h height
  • -x xx location
  • -y yy location
  • -w waveform mode

(Does not work on K4.)

[edit] clear display

eips -c 

[edit] paint checker

eips -q 

(Does not work on K4.)

[edit] paint grayscale

eips -l 

(Does not work on K4.)

[edit] paint pattern

eips -p 

[edit] paint barcode

eips -r barcode

[edit] get fb info

eips -i
eips -i c

prints also colormap. Actually any(?) character instead of c will do.

[edit] Scrolling

Scroll the screen area between <first_row> and <last_row> by one row.

eips -z <first_row> <last_row>

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