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Tobi is an authoring tools for DAISY and EPub 3 talking books. Information from the tobi web site.


[edit] Overview

Tobi is multimedia book production software that enables creation of full-text, full-audio digital talking books. The electronic books created using Tobi are fully accessible, navigable, and feature-rich as they conform to DAISY 3 or accessible ePub 3 specifications. Tobi’s multi-facet and customizable user interface provides an opportune and congenial platform for book publishers. Besides many other salient features, Tobi pioneers in authoring capability of textual, pictorial, and audio image descriptions making the illegible images comprehensible to people with disabilities.

Tobi is released under LGPL license. It is free to run or distribute.

[edit] Features

  • Live voice recording
  • Audio waveform editing.
  • Text synchronization
  • Supported formats
    • DAISY 3 / DTBook XML, Digital Talking Books using the ANSI/NISO Z39.86-2005 standard (also see the NIMAS framework).
    • MathML-in-DAISY (embedded mathematical equations / formulas), and MathML within EPUB3 HTML5 documents.
    • ePub 3 Media Overlays (industry e-book standard based on HTML5, successor to DAISY 3)
    • Experimental support for the DAISY Pipeline2 is included, to migrate from DTBOOK, DAISY3, DAISY2.02 to EPUB3.
    • Audio: MP3 and uncompressed WAV (decoding and encoding), MP4-AAC (decoding).
    • Support for Scalable Vector Graphics images, and inline SVG markup.
  • Advanced editing features and visual environment with Undo.

[edit] Interface

Tobi is neither a word processing tool, nor an XML editor. To prepare well-structured text, consider using the Save-As-DAISY addons for Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer.

[edit] For more information

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