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Interesting edit! Any links to such ebooks? Do you need eBook Librarian, GEB Librarian or Imperve running as well?

-- Nrapallo

I just opened one of my bean books after the upgrade I had converted previously from .rb and clicked on the link. It looks very ugly but I were able to find the link to the bean free library on the left and then continued on to the html version of one book ("read online", only one chapter at a time, have to stay connected to use the next link).

I am sorry they do not have IMP files prepared, I did not try the .rb and .rtf files (yet).

I did not try to access protected areas using https such as my bookshelf at

However using the known publishing methods it might be useful to create a document for any place where just the imp files lie (to be tested) or whole books as just one html file. Of course the html file stay on the book only as long as it stays switched on I expect, just like the bookstore page. Another idea would be to store links to news sites which have a very simple layout. If SSL pages work it might help to securely read email on a trip in an internet cafe if their computers are not trustworthy enough.

I had accessed the bookstore just before trying the link so the ethernet connection was still up. I do not know if all such traffic goes through the bookstore page or on the first request only or if the device goes directly to any target now. The 3.3 firmware tried to access the bookstore when I tried the link (first or only?).

Other caveat: I do not know how much of the registration data is submitted with the requests to the website being accessed.

BTW: the first tries to register the 1200 ebook failed with database errors as my book submitted things like lang=de (it had german interface, even after the firmware upgrade). After I found how to activate the hidden service menu I had an "english" button. Using that button it's now english forever and works fine.

I also have a mostly unused Gemstar 1150 which I also got with Firmware 3.3 after sending in a rocket ebook which did not survive the stupid firmware upgrade program that did not notice the completion of the first upgrade step and then would not connect to the then unregistered half-upgraded book to do the second flash step... I pefer the 1200 as the script is more solid, the 1150 has a display where the black script is little translucent.

If there is a place here to add the above you might do so or tell me.

I would like to buy another 1200 to have a spare one in case something happens to the current one... Also it might need a battery some time, but it's still healthy at the moment.

I might also add a picture with me and the ebook readers so the size of the devices can be seen in relation to a human being...

--Rune B. 20:20, 15 April 2009 (UTC)

Are you a MobileRead member yet? If so, what is your member name?

You said you had the German GEB1200. Was it called the GEB2200 that was introduced just before Gemstar went bankrupt? That unit had hardware that was a bit different (more economical to manufacture i.e. used a non-removeable battery).

Come by the IMP forum and post some upgrade "stories" there. I'll share what I know...


-Nick (nrapallo)

-- Nrapallo

> Are you a MobileRead member yet? If so, what is your member name?

I have joined while answering the last time, as you see my signature (Rune B.). I have mixed up the numbers a little. I have put some info on my user page and will check again to make it (more) correct. I have a GEB 2150 / RCA 1200, labeled RCA 1200 in a GEB 2200 box but the correct manual (english, registration cards in engl. and french). I have the changeable battery. I got the device from an ebay seller who probably did a warehouse liquidation in Hamburg for 282 Euro.

And a GEB 1150 in the correct box, more or less only used to read the included "In 80 days around the world". Shipping date 8-Jul-05. Got a rocket one for 70 Euro first, destroyed it despite following the flash procedure correctly I think, sent it to the US to a collegue for exchange who sent it to the service with the requested money and got his expenses by PayPal after sending the GEB 1150 they send in exchange to me.

If you like to mail to me directly or to get photos send me your email address at with the user name runeb.

I am sorry I did not take photos of the german interface, the "dedicated to Jim Sachs" boot picture etc. I think it cannot be restored as there is no "german" button after switching to english.

Meanwhile I tried to access ebooks by browsing the net. With .IMP or .RB I get "unknown content type", with .rtf just "file not available" or so. It seems it's not downloading ebooks from a simple link, probably a page with special tags or a web sever which a specific content type is needed to download ebook files directly.

I will try if I can see what code the RebLibrarian deliveres...

--Rune B. 17:35, 16 April 2009 (UTC)

Thanks for your reply. However, Rune_B. is not the member name I was looking for. This discussion is being held in the Wiki pages and is NOT the best place for open discussions. I don't get notified that you have replied and must check in periodically to see if you have. Too ancient... :)

Please go to the Forums and login (or create a login) there. The Wiki login name/password is not recognized in the forums so you will have to create again your member/login account there as well.

A good place to start posting is the IMP forum or Fictionwise ebookwise forum. I'll find you there for sure. Even consider posting in the Introduce Yourself forum. Membership is free and addictive.

You can then freely post, attach images or upload files for everyone to see. I hope you enjoy your stay with us!

p.s. I'm a REB1200 fanatic and I'm hoping you are too.

--nrapallo 03:03, 17 April 2009 (UTC)

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