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Quick Details

  • Name:
    • Rune Bassmann
  • Join Date
    • April 5, 2009
  • Location
    • South Germany
  • Devices
    • REB 1200 (was once german with firmware 3.3, Sachs edition, same as GEB 2150, in GEB 2200 box, since May 2005)
    • GEB 1150 (US collegue exchanged this for me when a Rocket eBook died during firmware upgrade, since July 05)
  • Usage
    • I started with the baen free library. Before that I was reading with the MobiPocket Reader on a Psion 5mx Pro.
    • The Psion had a 70 Euro repair because the display flatband cable broke from the often opening and closing of the device.
    • Probably more than 100 books purchased at /, converted and sometimes improved with page headers and color book image from .rb files
    • Now after the upgrade I might sometimes buy mainstream thriller, fantasy or science fiction through if it's not available at baen.
    • I consider to try to read on my HTC Touch (O2 XDA Nova) phone I have since half a year on vacation (mobipocket again).


Is it possible to switch the registered ebook at ebookwise as often as one likes (e.g to use the lightwight 1150 for travel and the 1200 at home)?

(answer on the User talk page please).

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