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How about eBooks where you can participate in the content. Here is a list of wiki's that are devoted to eBook content.

[edit] Overview

Some of these offer classic books in a wiki form that can be read or corrected by the users. Some are sites that are designed for collaborative efforts in the generation of the next great book. Many of these sites are in multiple languages so everyone can contribute.

[edit] The list

  • Wiki Books -- Aimed at supplying educational textbooks.
  • Wiki Source -- A library of eBooks - similar to Project Gutenberg except these can be corrected by you.
  • Wikionary A wiki dictionary
  • O'Reilly publishes technical books and eBooks. They have started a wiki commons web site to write books online at It is also a great resource for reading.
  • Project Gutenberg Wiki - covers all things eBook for Gutenberg.
  • Wiki to learn A collective set of text books in multiple languages include English, Spanish, Italian, German, and Catala although not all books are in all languages. All are open source.
  • Baka-Tsuki is a fan translation community that hosts translations for light novels in the Wiki format. They have hundreds of eBooks in up to 28 languages. They host translations but they don't do them. The translations come from volunteers. The wiki itself is available in 20 languages. They have extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers to convert wiki pages to ePub.

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