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Windows phone is the name of the Windows 8 version and late Windows phone 7 version (sometimes called 7.5 or 7.8) of Windows installed on Smartphone hardware.


[edit] Overview

Windows phone runs Windows 8 RT version. It replaces the earlier Windows phone 7 which used Windows Mobile operating system and emulates the standard Windows 8 available on Tablet PCs and laptops. Of course the screen size is smaller. Windows 10 will be available on newer phones. It is rumored that it will also be able to run Android apps.

Windows phones are available from Samsung, HTC, Nokia, and Huawei. See also phablets.

[edit] Features

A Windows phone includes the following features and apps from the Windows phone app store. Note that Windows phone app store and Windows app store do not necessarily have the same apps.

  • All have a dedicated camera button, exclusive built-in Lens apps, and automatic uploading of your photos to OneDrive for cloud storage.
  • Live apps - The icon itself displays the latest information.
  • Every Windows Phone comes with Hubs where you can keep your favorite people, games, and music together for easy access.
  • Your favorite things can be pinned to your Start screen so they're instantly available. Pin friends, weather, news, Twitter, Facebook—whatever you want.
  • Windows store app included. Every Windows Phone has access to apps like Skype and Office Mobile. When you're on the go, the best parts of your desktop are, too.
  • ONEDRIVE It's storage in the cloud. With OneDrive, you get 7 GB of free space for your photos, music, and documents.
  • A Windows Phone is the only smartphone with Xbox built right in. There's a wide range of games, and you can play before you buy.

[edit] 8.1

There is several new features in 8.1

  • Cortana - Microsoft's version of Apple Siri or Google Now. Lets the user narrow down the scope of the question.
  • Glance - a brief glance at the cover screen to check notifications or the time.
  • Swype style keyboard
  • Expanded home screen space.
  • quick launch of most used settings.
  • folders add with fix 1.

[edit] Windows phone 10

Windows phone 10 requires more resources that Windows phone 8 did, thus not all phones can be upgraded beyond 8.1. In particular more RAM is often needed.

[edit] eBook Reading apps

Unless otherwise marked these apps are all free. See also E-book_software#Windows_phone

  • ABookReader
  • Advanced English Dictionary Free
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Artifex4 READER (commercial)
  • Audible - Audiobooks
  • Bible
  • Bible On The Go
  • Biblia
  • Bookmate
  • Booksworld - ePub
  • Bookviser
  • Comic Book Reader
  • Dictionary
  • Ebook Reader (there seems to be two of these)
  • EBook Magic (commercial)
  • Emma
  • ePub reader
  • ERBY eReader
  • FBreader
  • Fiction Book Reader - ePub and FB2
  • Freda, Freda Chinese, and Freda+ (.99)
  • Free Audio books
  • GoodRead
  • Google Books
  • iSilo (commercial)
  • Kobo books
  • Legimi - ebook reader
  • Manga Reader
  • MoHoo Reader
  • Novel
  • Ookbee
  • OverDrive Media Console
  • Phree Book Reader
  • Qbaca
  • Quran Phone
  • Reader4booksFree
  • Reading
  • SM reader
  • Tiny eBook reader
  • Tucan reader
  • Wallabag can capture a web site for offline reading.
  • Wattpad
  • Wikipedia

[edit] Devices

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