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Wallabag can capture a web site for offline reading. It is free.


[edit] Features

Based on upcoming 2.0 release

  • wallabag is free and open source. Forever.
  • No time to read? Save a link in your wallabag to read it later
  • Read the saved articles in a comfortable view: the content, only the content. Get rid of the ads and menus.
  • Save all the content: text and pictures
  • You can easily migrate from other proprietary services : welcome to you, Pocket, Readability or Instapaper users! Also, you can import * your browser bookmarks.
  • You like an article? There's many ways to share it, featuring email, twitter or shaarli
  • Because we are increasingly mobile, the wallabag interface fits all your devices
  • Saving a link is so easy because of all the tools available.
  • RSS feeds allow you to read your saved links in your RSS aggregator
  • You have an e-reader? wallabag can export all kind of entries to ePub, MOBI & PDF formats.
  • You can set as many tags you like to your entries
  • It is possible to search through title and content of articles
  • wallabag is multilingual: french, english, spanish, german, italian, russian, persian, czech, polish, ukrainian and slovenian
  • Keyboard shortcuts ! Lots of them !
  • You’re not the only one at home to use wallabag? that’s fine, wallabag is multi-user
  • Prefer a dark template? Perfect, many templates are available in the configuration screen
  • Many storage systems allowed: SQLite, mysql and postgresql
  • Scroll position is saved: when you return to an article, you come back where you were. So convenient!
  • You can flattr flattrable articles directly from your wallabag
  • You want to retrieve your wallabag data? Hey, remember, wallabag is open source, you can export it

[edit] Platforms

Many tools: extensions for Chrome, Chrome OS and Firefox, Firefox OS, iOS, Android and Windows phone application, a bookmarklet, a simple field in your config webpage

Apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, PocketBook, Kobo, Kindle

[edit] RSS

Wallabag is supported by many feed aggregators (or RSS readers).

Here is a non exhaustive list of them.

  • Miniflux Vienna RSS FreshRSS Tiny Tiny RSS Leed FeedReader Fiery Feeds

[edit] For more information

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