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A Phablet is a cross between a smartphone and a tablet.


[edit] Overview

The Phablet attempts to provide a larger tablet like display while keeping the cell phone capability. These devices are generally 5" to 6.9" (130 to 180 mm) in screen size while full tablets start at 7" and goes up from there. These phones have a 16x9 aspect ratio to minimize the width as much as possible and run Android, Windows phone, or iOS for an OS. They typically offer a better eBook reading experience than a standard smartphone.

[edit] Screen comparison

[edit] Alternative

  • PadFone X mini a 4.5" smartphone with a larger 7" tablet screen plugin.
  • Boeye has announced a very large 8.1" tablet 1280 x 800 with dual SIM card that they call a phablet due to its voice capability.

[edit] Discussion

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