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Resources is a special menu available on WordSearch Bible. It is available on WordSearch Bible version 10, WordSearch Bible Basic, and recently added back to WordSearch Bible version 11. It is also in version 12 but no longer in the basic version. This menu appears on the study screen and looks very much like the menu on the left side of the Library screen but is more powerful. This article covers the Resources feature in version 12.

[edit] Overview

This can be a substitute for the Library screen in WordSearch Bible version 12. It is designed to allow selection of a book without leaving the Study screen. It is also possible to view the Book Properties (metadata) from this menu. It can also sort the books in different ways and change the category of a book. Note there is nothing in the online manual that explains this feature yet.

[edit] Step by Step

  • Turning it on: This option is available from the Options Menu, Settings. When you have the settings displayed on the screen select "Books and Windows" and place a checkmark in the box beside "Display Resources Window" then OK the entry. It only works on the "Study" screen.
  • Using the menu: There is a narrow bar on the left side that accesses the Resource menu. Position your mouse on it to enable the menu temporarily. You can select items from the menu which will then collapse when the cursor leaves the menu area.
  • The push pin: Selecting the push pin (upper right corner) will stick the menu on the on the screen. The rest of the study screen will be rearranged to make room. Tapping it again will remove the menu when the cursor leaves the menu area.
  • Filter box: The filter box at the top of the menu works nearly the same as the Filter box on the Library screen. It can filter by title or by author. In the category view the categories will continue to show with filtering which can be useful. The filter on the Library screen can limit the filter to a specific category.
  • The stacked lists icon: The stacked lists icon to the left of the filter box allows selection of the resources section to view. Several can be on the menu at once. This is similar to the choices on the Library screen except the Library screen only shows one at a time.
  • The checkbox icon: Clicking this brings up a choice of how to sort the data, it can be sorted by Category, Author/Title, or Title/Author. Note that Author here is more limited than the author mentioned in properties or on the web site. It will not list entries that have a different role such as 'editor'. They are shown as (none). The library view does not show authors at all (unless the name is on the image) but the filter can be used to search for a particular author.
    • There is also a checkbox that will allow showing locked books (they are taking up disk space but you cannot use them).
    • Manage Library is available on the Library screen and in the dropdown Tools menu.
    • Refresh Library is also on the bottom of the Manage Library display. It can be used to resync entries in your library view (this should happen automatically).
  • Banner Buttons: There are 5 buttons for each section.
    • The left edge of the banner can be clicked to rearrange the order of the sections.
    • + and - These buttons will expand or collapse all the subcategories in the library or appropriate content for the section.
    • The '-' or 'box' will minimize or open the section. Clicking any open space on the banner will also do this.
    • The 'x' will hide the section. Use the stacked list icon to restore it.
  • Right click: Right click on any of the books in the list opens a menu. This is similar to right clicking any of the cover images or titles in the Library view but this one has more choices.
    • Add to Favorites: This is the same as tapping one of the stars near the title in the Library view.
    • Change category: This allows you to rearrange the books into whatever category you wish. You can add new categories and if you remove all of the books from an existing category it will be removed from the menu display. The categories shown in the "My Library List" (from the Tools menu) will also reflect these changes. The category assigned by WordSearch (or wherever you bought your book) as displayed in the properties is not changed. The Library view does honor the change category command directly.
    • Update Book - This works identically with the same command in the Library view.
    • Properties - This is the name given to metadata. This works identically with the same command in the Library view.
  • LessonMaker - This change affected the behavior of LessonMaker. Originally, after LessonMaker was released for version 11, the Lesson category would automatically invoke the LessonMaker app within WordSearch Bible. With this release, clicking to open a book in the Lesson category behaves like opening any other book. I actually prefer this behavior and kept WordSearch Basic installed for this and a few other reasons. You can still open the book in LessonMaker by tapping the LM icon at the top of the Study screen (or selecting it off the File menu). You can even have both open at the same time.
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