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Apabi (Author Publisher Artery Buyer Internet) from Beijing, Beijing University Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. developed, and has now published 50,000 kinds of the latest e-books, covering political, legal, economic, cultural education, foreign languages, literature and arts, computers and other contents. This eBook format uses the .xeb extension.

As a result of rapid growth and good partnership with libraries, Apabi will soon become independent Apabi Co. Ltd. The China Reference eBook Library Project has been launched in collaboration with important East Asian Libraries in the U.S. such as Harvard-yenching, Princeton, and Chicago, which will greatly benefit the reference services of East Asian Libraries.

Note that the acronym has been changed to Aim, paperless, application, by, Internet. Its products also include eBook device and databases such as Calis Reference eBook, China Yearbook Database, China Ancient Book Database, and China Corpus Juris Database. Apabi is considered to be the only eBook and Digital Library Provider in China has completely cleared copyrights issues with publishers and authors for its e-book collections. Apabi eBook is featured with hi-fi display and multimedia results; both CN MARC and MARC 21; IDPF standards; ASP services to libraries; circulation statistics service; and personalized services.

[edit] Apabi Reader

The Apabi Reader is a design environment for the Chinese e-books viewed with the software. It can read digital books or documents, leisure reading books, confidential internal documents of the enterprises, high value-added research report, the exclusive nature of the Price documents and other categories of digital content.

The software can be meeting reading, annotations, collections and confidentiality requirements. It can directly use translation software, keyword search, but is also very easy to add focus to a specific eBook. Other features include: the endorsement line, insert bookmarks, quick click online bookstores, book shelves management and Web browsing capabilities.

The reader can also generally read CEB Chinese E-Books.

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