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ZXReader - Reads TXT and FB2 files which can be zipped to save space.

[edit] Features

Translated from Russian.

  • Supported formats: TXT, FB2, ZIP (containing TXT or FB2)
  • Support for multiple codepages
  • Automatic changing portrait / landscape mode when turning the phone
  • Fixing the desired screen orientation
  • Sensory and button control
  • Full Screen
  • ttf Customize fonts, including third party ttf
  • Adjust the color and style of all elements of the text
  • Support images in files (fb2)
  • Backlight control - brightness, constancy
  • Word processing - of words, bonding lines (cutting into the line for a specific width before in any editor)
  • Split screen on the set of active zones, each of which can hang some command
  • The possibility of establishment of up to 5 profiles, each has its own individual settings
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