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Notice: Astak is no longer in the business of making or selling eBook Readers.

Founded in 1992, Astak, Inc. (Also known as Team Research) is one of the leading memory suppliers and electronics manufacturers in North America. They are specialized in developing and manufacturing memory modules, digital media products, POS (Point of Sale) Hardware and KIOSK, and other home and commercial electronic products. Headquartered in San Jose, California, the heart of Silicon Valley, the TEAM works globally with its POS and KIOSK facilities in Taiwan.

Astak has announced eBook reader products through its partnership with Netronix and has also partnered with Jinke. It is unique in having a Taiwanese and a Chinese partner. They will offer complementary products based on user needs.

The Netronix products will feature the Astak Mentor brand while the Jinke products will feature the EZ Reader brand.

  • Only one product has been released in the Astak Mentor line: The Mentor Lite a 6" device.
  • The EZ Reader is the first to release in November 2008 as a rebranded Hanlin V3.
  • The second offering is the EZ Reader Pocket PRO. They diverged from the standard Hanlin in 2009 with some unique colors and perhaps other unique features.
  • The third offering, The EZ Reader Plus was released in August 2010.

The EZ Reader will be marketed through the web site The There is also a site called which sells eBooks. They features ePUB and/or PDF eBooks. Click the link at the top for free Google Books.

Support for all Astak branded devices is in San Jose, CA.

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