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The BlueGriffon product includes an ePub editor and a ePub Validator

[edit] ePub Editor


  • Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Truly WYSIWYG
  • Conformance to EPUB2 and EPUB3 specifications
  • No proprietary pivot format, works directly on your *.epub files
  • Creates EPUB2 and EPUB3 books from scratch
  • Conformance to XHTML 1.1 and HTML5 (xml serialization) for content documents
  • Full metadata support for both EPUB2 and EPUB3
  • Files and directories management
  • Full support for Guide (EPUB2) and Landmarks (EPUB3)
  • Full support for NCX (EPUB2) and Table of Contents (EPUB3)
  • Compatibility output of Guide and NCX in EPUB3
  • Full support for Spine (EPUB2 and EPUB3)
  • Full support for EPUB3 properties on meta/link/item/itemref
  • User interface for direct manipulation of epub:type attribute
  • UTF-8
  • One of the best CSS editors on the market
  • Builtin SVG editor
  • DOM view and ActiveView
  • Word count
  • MathML editor
  • HTML Table Layout editor

Based on the BlueGriffon Web Editor Powered by Mozilla, Runs on Firefox OS

[edit] ePub 3 validator

An add-on to Firefox to validate an EPUB3 package in just one click.

  • 100% Java free, not based on EpubCheck
  • No command-line knowledge needed.

Install in 3 clicks, run in one click!

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