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Firefox OS is a new Cloud based OS solution based on the Firefox Web Browser.


[edit] Discontinued

This page is maintained for archive purposes but the OS has been discontinued although the user community may pick it up. For more information see the Mozilla wiki covering SmartPhone code transition. Of course Firefox itself is still available.

[edit] Overview

This is a new open OS based on Mozilla code. It competes with the Chrome OS. It can also be an API for other tools to build on that need HTML5 support. The latest version of AZARDI eBook reader is built on this base. It is targeted at mobile devices.

Features of this "Open Web OS" is built on the Boot to Gecko project (B2G)

  • A level playing field against other OS and marketplace providers
  • Greater participation in the value chain
  • Ownership and control over relationships with customers
  • Customized phones that meet the specific needs of various target markets

The Firefox browser and therefore a part of Firefox OS is a HTML transfer protocol called SPDY (pronounced SPeeDY) which compresses and streamlines the transfer of data. See SPDY whitepaper and Wikipedia for more details. This is also supported in Chrome OS. Note that this is being replaced by HTTP/2.

[edit] EBook support will find the eBook support which currently includes:

  • ePUBReader - ePub
  • Library
  • Alezaa - Vietnamese
  • 24symbols - ePub
  • AB FB2 Reader
  • Khmer Bible Reader
  • Wallabag can capture a web site for offline reading. It is free.

There are also PDF and RSS readers. Search PDF and Reader.

[edit] Hardware supported

Minimum Requirements for Hardware that supports this OS - Currently this OS is supported on some Smartphones.

  • CPU: 1GHz, single-core, equivalent to ARM Cortex A5 processor
  • Storage: Minimum 256MB on board, total storage 4GB
  • System RAM: Minimum 128MB
  • Visual Display: 262K color, HVGA (480x320) capacitive multi-touch display (minimum two points)
    • Also supports: WVGA (800 x 480), FWVGA (854 x 480), 720P (1280 x 720)
  • GPU: WebGL-capable GPU capable of rendering H.264 video at 30FPS
  • Hardware Buttons: Home, Power, Volume Up, Volume Down.
  • Back, Menu, and Search buttons may NOT be present on a Firefox OS Co-Branded Device
  • ChipSets
    • Qualcomm: 7227, 7227A, 8210, 8212, 8225, 8926
    • Spreadtrum: SC6821, SC7715

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