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Bookari Reader is a powerful eBook reader.


[edit] Features

Bookari has the following features:

  • Bookmark pages
  • highlight or underline text
  • advanced search feature to quickly find all occurrences of a word within a book;
  • listen to the book with voice synthesis;
  • Make notes using powerful features designed for people who read for their work.
  • Navigate with Bookari’s Table of Contents panel or create your own table of contents with custom-named bookmarks.
  • Compatible with PDF, EPUB2 and EPub 3 formats and the Adobe DRM technology

[edit] ePub specific

Enhance Bookari’s display of ePub books with customized themes:

  • adjust font
  • adjust line height
  • adjust margins,
  • adjust background colors

[edit] PDF specific

Enjoy Bookari’s advanced support of PDF books with fast vertical and horizontal scroll, pan and zoom, and manual and automatic cropping.

[edit] Bookshelf

Easily edit your books’ information: Title, author, language, publisher. Organize them in collections, manage their tags, and find them quickly with filters (tags, authors, formats, publisher) or with the search feature.

[edit] Platforms

iOS, iPadOS, Android, Chrome

You can also capture web pages.

Android version 10 needs a fix

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