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What do you want the software to be able to do? Here is the place to put it down.

With respect to bugs:

  • Please annotate bugs and bugfixes with the firmware version of your device (Settings -> About -> About device -> Build number).
    • Bugs in order to help the developers to track down, replicate and fix the issue.
    • Bugfixes in case there is a regression in the future firmware release so that we know which version to rollback to if necessary, useful for both users and developers.

This feature has been implemented
This feature is planned for one of the next updates
This feature will not make it to the i86 via Onyx
This feature has been implemented by an independent developer

If you can, annotate an importance of your requested feature to help developers prioritize:

  • is it a deal breaker?
  • is it something important (e.g. because some tasks are really complicated without it)?
  • is it something you miss occasionally?
  • or is it just a nice-to-have toy option?


[edit] General

[edit] Bugfix requests

  • Questionable build quality around the '<' '>' buttons (see forum).
  • Locking the device while watching a video in the 'VLC' app requires force-rebooting the device.

  • Bluetooth tethering from a phone to an Onyx i86 doesn't work
  • [Important] Holding down left button no longer triggers a screen redraw. Had this in 1.7.2, broken after upgrade (and I did a reset after upgrading firmware). On 1.7.3 this has been changed to the right button.
    • Version: 2015-08-16_20-49_1.7.3_c96f75b, Reporter: KnuX
  • [Important] Notification messages showing up on bottom right corner are black text on black notification. Completely unreadable.
    • Version: 2015-08-16_20-49_1.7.3_c96f75b, Reporter: KnuX
  • [Deal Breaker] Cannot enable lock screen. This is an android device, and I have a lot of personal information on it (via the google account). It needs to offer some degree of security, and currently it has none. Anyone that steals my ebook reader is in for a treat, as they get full access to my google account until I lock it down.
    • Version: 2015-08-16_20-49_1.7.3_c96f75b, Reporter: KnuX
  • [Ocasionally miss] OTA upgrade continues to not work. You go to onyx's site, see an upgrade listed, but if you check the upgrade via OTA menu you are never offered **any** upgrade. You need to keep checking random sites on the internet for random zip files so you can get bugfixes.
    • Version: 2015-08-16_20-49_1.7.3_c96f75b, Reporter: KnuX
  • [Important] Screen backlight turns back on after 5-10 minutes whenever device is left on standby with wifi left on. The only workaround I found is to either turn of the wifi before going to standby mode, or turning off the backlight before going to standby mode (e.g. this only happens whenever the backlight was on before the device was put to standby mode). Note that this happens even with the smart cover so be careful not to be bit by this!
    • Version: 2015-08-16_20-49_1.7.3_c96f75b, Reporter: KnuX
  • [Occasionally miss] When you have 4 or more pending notifications, notifications start covering the clock.
    • Version: 2015-08-16_20-49_1.7.3_c96f75b, Reporter: KnuX
  • [Occasionally miss] The UI theme does not color (/theme) disabled buttons in some dialogs differently (such as the ones in Settings > Apps > Some App), so sometimes you get a bit confused that your tap is not getting through, but it's just the button that is disabled.
    • Version: 2015-08-16_20-49_1.7.3_c96f75b, Reporter: KnuX
  • [Important] Hitting the android tray is very hard when you have few/no notifications. You have to press on a very small part of the top bar (the battery icon), and be careful so that you don't hit the wifi button otherwise you toggle the wifi.
    • Version: 2015-08-16_20-49_1.7.3_c96f75b, Reporter: KnuX
  • [Occasionally miss] Cannot use bluetooth headset at all. On skype I get no sound and no microphone, hangouts and note everything just crash.
    • Version: 2015-08-16_20-49_1.7.3_c96f75b, Reporter: KnuX
  • (***Important***) Power off timeout too short: add 3, 6, 12, 24 hour options. Version 1.7.4 20151215.
  • (***Important***) After power up, home screen Now Reading area frequently shows old book. Before power down latest book appears but after power up old book often reappears (pdfs). Version 1.7.4 20151215

[edit] Feature requests

  • The granularity of font sizes is too coarse. It would be great to have a slider for setting font size (as used by Kobo), with 1- or 2-point jumps.

  • Support two-factor authentication to set up the device's google account / google play. currently one must generate an app-specific password to work around this.
  • Have 'a2-mode' manual refresh available as a button in the android menubar - currently the method of long-pressing the 'page left' physical button feel like it conflicts when using apps such as 'VLC' where the buttons are directed towards volume.
  • Merge the internal storage / internal flash partitions so it is easier to install apps beyond the 512mb size limit without manually moving things to the sd card.

  • Promised Android 4.4 upgrade still hasn't been delivered with Android 6.0 coming up soon, so app support for old Android 4.0 keeps dwindling.
  • Built-in file manager should have a bigger than 3x3 grid of files. Even the app launcher uses a 5x6 grid.
  • Home screen should be more customizable. It's basically useless if you use a third-party app to read books, such as moon reader+.
  • Power Manager - Power off timeout : add 3, 6, 12 and 24 hours timeout options

[edit] Onyx Neo Reader

[edit] Bugfix requests

  • Version: 1872 - 8b9e413 (2015-12-15 _i86 v1.7.4 rc1 f632bad)

1. Settings reached by tapping centre bottom of screen when reading pdf

- then Navigation > More Setting
- using option to divide page into 4 frames (1st option 2nd row)
- after offsetting vertical split (e.g. 2/3 and 1/3 split to give 4
  frames: 2 wide, 2 narrow)

when viewing finished product (each frame at a time) narrower page frames do not maintain same zoom level as the wider page frames.

2. After power up, home screen Now Reading area intermittently shows old book. Before power down new book appears but after power up old book often reappears (pdfs).

[edit] Feature requests

  • The dictionary supplied with the I86ml is totally useless to anyone not in China. The device badly needs an English-language dictionary, not a Chinese-English translation aid.
  • Settings (reached by tapping centre bottom of screen when reading pdf) - add icons for Home and Wifi(so don't need system status bar).
  • Settings (reached by tapping centre bottom of screen when reading pdf) - there is a kind of reader status bar at the bottom of the Settings window - add possibility to insert battery percentage and time (so don't need system status bar or reader status bar).

[edit] Onyx Scribbler

[edit] Bugfix requests

[edit] Feature requests

[edit] See Also

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