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Boeye is a Chinese company that makes eREADERS, Tablets, Kid's Tablet. Shenzhen Boyue Technology Co. uses the brand name Boyue also spelled as Boeye. They are closely related to PocketBook as the source technology.

[edit] The company

The official full name is Boeye Technology Co., Ltd. They were founded in 2009 to design and manufacture high level consumer electronic products, including tablets, kid's tablets (which they call Kid's Pads), E Ink eReaders as well as other fashionable and novelty electronic products including phablets. They are located in Shenzhen, China.

See: Company Profile.

The trading/manufacturing company representing them is Shenzhen Yuni BoYu Technology Co,, LTD

Their products are Android based including the ones for children.

[edit] Products

Products in this wiki include:

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